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Read exclusive reviews unavailable elsewhere about Injectserver. com Apk to be alert on the security risks it holds. is a Worldwide commercial platform promoting third-party apps. Did you know that was registered in the high-risk country Iceland on 12th April 2020? has existed for two years, one month, and four days. It has long life expectancy till 12th April 2023, which is ten months and twenty-six days from now.

Before you decide to use apps and games from, we suggest you read reviews and feedback on Injectserver. com Apk.

About the website: has achieved an average trust index of 76% but gained a poor business ranking of 28.8%. has a poor Alexa ranking of 3,548,570. is NOT trustworthy as it scored 65% on the suspicion profile and 42% on the threat and spam profile. 

Injectserver is also available as an application. Gameyond offers Injectserver. The latest version, 2.1.4, was available on 9th March 2022. The latest Injectserver apk is easily available on Injectserver. com Website and several third-party websites. It is 17.2 MB in size. The importing of apk files requires users to complete mini-tasks in exchange. Importing this apk involves mini tasks such as viewing Walmart Gift Cart, Medicaid Guide, etc., for at least 30 seconds. Once the user completes the task, an import link will be generated.

The high score on the threat profile suggests that the website holds a security risk for users’ devices and personal and payment information. The Injectserver games may install mini-apps and ads without users’ permission. The information of the website’s owners and their contact details are censored using internet censorship services subscribed by the website.

Injectserver. com Apk:

Injectserver is also available as an application. The app and website host the following apps that can be installed on iOS and Android:

  1. Fashion between us
  2. Car bridge
  3. Between us
  4. Apply cake
  5. expose
  6. Happy regime
  7. car brook
  8. Mobile phone for two weeks
  9. Out road Outlook mode

Injectserver aims to provide premium games at no cost. All the features in the games are unlocked. If users try to import these games from the official play store, they have to pay a good amount to unlock the features. If the user wants to unlock the original games with other tools, it will require the phone to be rooted.

Edge of Injectserver. com Apk over jailbreak tools:

Rooting the phone will void the device’s guarantee, allowing apps to uninstall system files that may crash OS. Hence, the OS needs to be reinstalled, for which users need to visit service centers and shell out a good amount of money. Injectserver is not available on iOS and Google Play Stores. It has a 4.3/5-star rating on the internet.


The advantage of Injectserver is that it does not root the phone but allows you to import free, full unlocked version of unofficial games. But, the games will have full control to make calls, send messages, and have full access to storage, media, network, camera, etc. Therefore, Injectserver. com Apk and are not suggested for the users as they are NOT legitimate.

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