Is Jennifer Neville-Lake Still Married (June 2022) Read!

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Are you aware of the tragic dismissal of Edward Lake, the husband of Jennifer Neville-Lake? Edward Lake had already suffered a great loss seven years ago when his three kids died in a tragic road mishap. 

Edward Lake is the husband of Jennifer Neville-Lake, and in a recent post, his wife confirmed the tragic dismissal of her husband. After the post was published, many concerned people in Canada sought the cause of his tragic death. 

Many followers of Jennifer on social media were unaware of her marriage, so they wanted to know Is Jennifer Neville-Lake Still Married.

Is Jennifer Neville-Lake Married to Edward Lake?

Yes, Jennifer Neville-Lake is married to Edward, as she recently confirmed in her social media post while updating her family about Edward’s dismissal. So, Jennifer Neville-Lake and Edward Lake were still married and residing in Canada, as is confirmed in the sad post she shared on her social media page to update her family members about Edward’s dismissal. 

Just one day before his dismissal, Jennifer posted a tweet with the graves of her children. She shared a sad message next to her earlier post. The dismissal was also confirmed by Jim MacSween, the York Regional Police Chief.    

Jennifer Neville-Lake Husband – How He Died?

Edward Lake, the husband of Jennifer Neville-Lake, was found dead on Monday, 20th June. Different reports confirm his dismissal, of which some reports say that he committed suicide. Some reports confirm that he suffered from cerebral health ailments that took his life.

The police report confirms that Edward’s body was found in his neighborhood on Charters Rd, Brampton, on Monday evening. Just before his dismissal, he was freed from police custody as he was arrested after a series of events committed on Father’s Day due to his cerebral conditions. 

Jennifer Neville-Lake Husband, Edward Lake, was seen behaving awkwardly in their backyard when she summoned police to her house to arrest him. She was concerned about the possible danger capabilities triggered by his behavior. 

On Monday 20th, June, he was freed by the police in the afternoon, and in the evening, his dead body was discovered in his neighborhood.

How People Reacted to Her Post?

On 21st June 2022, Jennifer posted a sad message confirming her husband’s dismissal, Edward Lake. In 2015, Jennifer lost her three kids in a car accident where her grandmother was severely injured. After the post, many people wanted to know Is Jennifer Neville-Lake Still Married?

She posted the message on her Twitter page, and after the post started circulating, many people commented on her post and shared their condolences. Besides, people were also seen sharing their condolences and memories on the obituary page. You may also read the condolences and memories online on the Obituary Page.       


A heartfelt message was posted by Jennifer Neville-Lake on 21st June, confirming the saddened dismissal of her husband. After the post started circulating on Twitter, many people took social media to share their condolences for the departed soul. 

Some people were also seen asking, Is Jennifer Neville-Lake Still Married. After evaluation, it is confirmed that Jennifer is still married to Edward Lake, who was found dead on Monday evening.

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