Is Jump Satoshi Token Scam {May} Detailed Information!

In this post, we discuss the Jump Satoshi token, and you will know Is Jump Satoshi Token Scam. 

Are you excited about every other new crypto that releases and want to know if that is futuristic or not? Then you are in the right place. In this post, we discuss a recently released cryptocurrency that is trending on the internet because of its recent pumps. Cryptocurrency has many useful projects, but with great projects, scam projects are going on Worldwide. We discuss a project known as Jump Satoshi, which is possibly a scam token.

 Let us know why Is Jump Satoshi Token Scam.

Why Is This Token Scam? 

The biggest red flag for this coin is that it was listed on CoinMarketCap with a link to a website that stated the Jump Satoshi Token was a honeypot.

In less than a day, Jump Satoshi Token increased from $0.00016 to little more than $0.0023. On the other hand, GMT was down 9.63 per cent at the time of publication. On the other hand, JST was trading at $0.002313, up 125.40 per cent on the previous day.

If that isn’t enough to answer the Is Jump Satoshi Token Scam question, consider that the official site for the BEP-20 token featured no pictures of the founders, only their initials and some artistic profile pictures. The official website for the token was established in early April 2022, but the official Twitter Page of this token only had 141 tweets when it was created in March 2012.

What is Jump Satoshi Token? 

Jump Satoshi is a decentralised transactional platform that recreates the traditional payment structure using the blockchain. It encourages construction with an open economic framework and customisable payments. The coin is in high demand all across the world.

To know more about Is Jump Satoshi Token Scam keep reading. It uses a fiat-pegged cryptocurrency portfolio that JST, its global currency, algorithmically stabilises. As of December 2020, the system had processed around $299 billion for over 2 active subscribers. JUMPN is also a cutting-edge web lifestyle app that supports the concept of “jumping to earn.”

Statistics of Jump Satoshi Token Scam – 

Not much information and statistics are present about this token currently. But here are some of the information about the Jump Satoshi token – 

  • Price – 0.06818.
  • Ticker – JST.
  • Circulating Supply -100,000,000,000 JST.
  • Total Supply – 100,000,000,000 JST.
  • Blockchain – Binance.
  • Token type – BEP 20.
  • Contract address – 0x24144C8baa3779bcA7f8472f939282C97Fcf5401.

The lack of statistics also makes the token suspicious and raises the question.

Conclusion on Is Jump Satoshi Token Scam – 

If you are still interested in this token, you can immediately get Jump Satoshi coins from your PC using Trust Wallet. As a result, anyone considering joining the JUMPN should be informed of all of the red signals mentioned above before handing over their cash. Click here to check the official statistic page of the Jump Satoshi token

What are your views on this new token? Do you think it is legit? Let us know about it in the comment section below. Also, share this Is Jump Satoshi Token Scam post to inform others. 

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