Is Pawsionate Legit (Mar 2022) Let Us Check The Review!

Do you want to give any personalized gift to your loved one? This post will give you information about : Is Pawsionate Legit or scam?  

Are you a pet lover? Do you want to wear pet print cloths? Then you should go through this review blog to learn about the website’s authenticity. 

As we know, the customized items trend is on the boom. Every person wants to select the products according to their requirement because of the availability of the online podium with good choice offers.

One best pet lover website here holds customized items like you can get the canvas with the pet logo print and so on for the United States residentials.

But before shopping, we must know that: Is Pawsionate Legit or scam?

Is Pawsionate Scam or Legit?

Here we have a few points by which we can say about legitimacy:

  • The website domain creation time is approximately two years old i.e., on 02/11/2019.
  • The website expiration date is coming soon, on 02/11/2021.
  • Pawsionate has an above-average trust index, i.e., 60%.
  • Pawsionate secured a zero Alexa rating.
  • Pawsionate has disclosed the CEO name as Katie on the official site.
  • Pawsionate has an average trust rank, i.e., 50.7 out of 100.
  • Few contents on is plagiarized from another portal.
  • User’s Pawsionate Reviews are visible on the portal and some verified portals with the one-star rating out of five.
  • Facebook, and Instagram pages are active.
  • It offers the best collection of customized items.
  • All the policy details have been shared on the official portal.
  • They are providing different payment modes also in different currencies.

Moreover, Pawsionate received unfavorable reviews and 1 star rating and because of the above-considered points, we suggest be careful and research well before shopping.

What is Pawsionate?

We move here and there to collect more points about? Is Pawsionate Legit or a scam?

So, we found that Pawsionate is an online shop for pet lovers as they want pictures of the pet everywhere, like on canvas, blankets, t-shirts, face masks, coffee mugs, pillows, flags, etc. The United States people are very excited to know more about Pawsionate.

Presently it is also offering the items in discount, so prices are very low. For more, you can visit the URL of the Pawsionate.

Specification About Pawsionate

  • The URL of the website for all information is
  • To check legitimacy: Is Pawsionate Legit or scam? The company address for the nearest member’s direct visit is 1968 S. Coast Hwy, Suite 5678, Laguna Beach CA 92651, US.
  • It does not disclose the contact number, so we are not able to call them direct.
  • For direct inquiry, the email address has been shared, i.e.,
  • They have fixed their working hours, i.e., Monday – Saturday, 8 AM – 8 PM EST.
  • Facebook and Instagram social media links are working.
  • It accepts returns/refunds in the lasts twenty days for unhappy users.
  • They will send you to email with the tracking number so that you can track your order.
  • Shipping/delivery details have been shared with some T&C.
  • Payment Modes: Visa, PayPal, MasterCard

Gains of Shopping from the Website

  • To check realityIs Pawsionate Legit or scam? Shoppers’ feedbacks are extant on the verified portal as well as on the official website page.
  • You can make the payment in different currencies like USD, EUR, CAD etc.
  • Payment modes are also more than one.
  • Discount is running on the official portal.
  • It secured an average trust rank and trust score of 50.7% and 60/100, respectively.

Losses of Shopping from the Website

  • The contact number is not available.
  • It is offering a very unrealistic sale.

Let us have an eye on the major point, i.e., the customers’ point of view section.

Users’ Pawsionate Reviews

Pawsionate is the ecommerce stage that claims a personalized gift for all cat, dog lovers like photo canvas, mug , pillow, blanket, t-shirts and so on.

We searched for more important aspects for the future shoppers. We found all the favorable points on the website. Still, in the other verified domain, we found negative outputs. One of them is saying terrible company. So please read all the points and users’ experiences carefully.

Please learn how you can secure your money from PayPal fraud.


In the final lines, we can conclude the reality: Is Pawsionate Legit or scam? Unrealistic discount, very low prices, negative users’ feedback online, and much more.

On the basis of the negative reviews received online, we suggest you explore well and consider all the reviews before shopping from here.

Before moving ahead, you have to be aware of protecting your money from credit card scams.

Are you using any t-shirt from Pawsionate? Please pen down your mindset with us in the comments box.

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