Is Testerup a Scam {Sep} Check Authenticity Info Here!

This article provides information about Is Testerup a Scam and tells the users about the application in detail. Check it out.

Do you like to earn a few dollars while sitting at home by completing some easy tasks? There’s news that the Testerup application is given to the users of the United States and other countries when they complete their tasks. 

Before investing your time in the app, let’s find out Is Testerup a Scam or a legitimate app. 

About Testerup application

The whole business of the Testerup website is associated with a product tester industry that gives money to the users who test different mobile apps. For those who are looking forward to earning money while sitting at home, it’s a great opportunity.

However, many questions have been put up by United States users regarding the functioning and legitimacy of the application. Let’s see the reviews and other details related to the Testerup application.

Testerup Reviews from a customer point of view 

All the reviews related to the testerup application prove that the website is suspicious as the application’s trust score is low, and the users don’t like the functioning of the application. 

On the Google Play platform, you can find different reviews of worldwide users who say that the application is a scam and doesn’t update accordingly. 

Legitimacy Test of the Testerup 

When we check the official website of the Testerup App, we find out some crucial information regarding its legitimacy that helps the new users decide whether they should invest their time and information in the app. So, let’s take a look at it.

  • The website’s domain age is 2 months and 6 days (20/07/2022). Therefore, it is clear that the application has been on the market recently. 
  • The trust score shows a result of 2%, which is enough to say that the application and the website are not up for business. 
  • Is Testerup a Scam– The plagiarism score is 87%, so that it can be a scam website and application. 
  • Alexa score- 612754 global and 54354 country-wise, i.e., the United States. 

Is Testerup available on Google Play?

The users can download the app from Google Play, and if they are iOS users, the application is also available in the Apple store free of cost. 

Final Thoughts

With all the information we have collected regarding Is Testerup a Scam, it is clear that the application is a scam, and all the users have suggested not to waste a single second of the Testerup application.

Are you also a user of Testerup? Please share your views with us. 

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