Is Words Rated Legitimate {May 2022} Check Reviews!

Words Rated is now hiring employees. But Is Words Rated Legitimate? Please read the article to know the reality and stay tuned with us for more blogs.

Do you love to read books? Is reading books a daily habit for you? Then you will be happy to hear that there is a website available where you can earn money by just reading books. Now one question will hit your mind: “Is this genuine?” In this article, we will discuss whether the website is legit. 

In the United States, readers have already started using the website, named Words Rated. After reading any publication, readers will get $200. But the question is: Is Words Rated Legitimate?

Is the website Words Rated genuine?

After long research, we know that the creation date of Words Rated is 4th September 2021, and it will expire on 4th September 2022. The website is only eight months old. The trust score of the website is quite good, 75%. But the popularity of the website is very poor. The website is HTTPS protected. But there is no review available. And the main fact is that is it very easy to make money by only reading? We don’t recommend the website as genuine or legit. One more interesting point is that the Wordsrated Hiring process is ongoing.

As we can see, some points are good, like the trust score and HTTPS protection. But on the other hand, the website is not very old, less popular, and there is no review. After seeing all the facts, we cannot assure you that the website is genuine. But if you still want to explore it, then do it at your own risk because we must warn our readers before taking any wrong step. Only hard work can lead you to success. 

Do you still have a second thought: Is Words Rated Legitimate or not?

Our answer will be a big no. And you will be amazed to know that Words Rated is trending now because of the bibliophiles. But still, it is not safe to use the website.

Some details about the Words Rated:

We will now mention some details of the website that you should know before using it.

  • Their official website is
  • is their email address.
  • The language of the website is English.
  • The website is known for reading books.
  • The website has valid certification.
  • The speed of the website is very fast.

Now let’s know about the Wordsrated Hiring process:

Can reading books be mentioned as a job? Maybe yes. Because Words Rated is hiring employees for a job role where you can earn money only by reading a whole book and analyzing the full data. After reading the entire book, prepare an analyzed data about the book and get $200. But before starting to prepare the analyzed data, readers need to pay attention to some specifications such as the number of characters and the gender, types of phrases used in the story, lines, location, availability of birds and animals, etc.


Before concluding, our answer will still be a “no” to the question, Is Words Rated Legitimate. We need to remember one thing some overhyped things should not fool us. Before taking any steps, click on the link to learn about internet fraud

Will you still use the website as a platform to earn money? Please comment below.

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