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This article will take you through Istri Vincent Rompies IG and every one of the insights regarding Agama Wikipedia.

What is the data on Istri Vincent Rompies IG?

  • Istri Vincent Rompies IG is the spouse of Vincent Rompies. She is otherwise called Fifi Karamoy.
  • She is accessible on Instagram with the username @fifikaramoy.
  • On Instagram, she has 318 posts with 132K devotees.
  • Presently, her Instagram is kept hidden, not permitting others to see her posts, yet just her adherents.
  • It is additionally accepted that she made her record private after her child’s harassing occurrence.
  • Individuals who are keen on seeing her posts can make a solicitation to her on her Instagram account.

Why are individuals discussing Vincent Rompies Agama?

  • Vincent was hauled into the spotlight since one of his youngsters was engaged with the school harassing episode.
  • His Child is called ‘L’. Alongside different understudies, he tormented a lesser at his school, and kids from the Ten and Eleven grades likewise eye saw it.
  • The news began turning into a web sensation when somebody on Twitter with the username @BosPurva shed light on the harassing occurrence.
  • It is said that the casualty’s mom let him know all that and shared the screen capture with him about the harasser.

What did Vincent Rompies Agama say regarding the domineering jerk debate?

Vincent Agama and his significant other have not expressed anything about the entire occurrence. They have kept their quietness and have kept their web-based entertainment account hidden. After the harassing news became public, many individuals pointed fingers at their nurturing, which is the reason individuals accepted they made their Instagram account private to prevent individuals from remarking about it.

As of late, Istri Vincent Rompies IG; he said he was mindful of his kids’ nurturing as Vincent’s folks might have been exceptional at offering consideration or building up their youngsters.

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