A comprehensive guide to maintaining your favorite wooden jewelry like men’s wedding bands

Wooden Jewelry Like Men’s Wedding Bands: One of the most coveted items in your amorous collection, the touchwood ring needs special care. Like all wooden items, you need to maintain it properly. The hand-crafting of this ring is meticulous and strong. Since the entire composition is of wood, it requires maintenance and gentleness.

  • Experts recommend you to buy your wedding bands or rings four weeks before wearing them. It might sound startling, but do remember that a brand-new item tends to change climate from one place to another. 
  • For the initial weeks after receiving your ring, the finish will harden and cure naturally. 
  • Consider the acclimation period while commissioning these wooden pieces.
  • If you find that the band is too right on your hands or it causes swelling in the fingers, don’t remove it with your fingernails.
  • Rub the hand in cold water and rinse it off with little soap. Let it dry.
  • Since the ring’s finish shields the material from rapid temperature fluctuation and UV rays, don’t leave it on a windowsill or car dash, or anywhere that’s prone to egregious temperatures.

Take good care

The biggest pitfall to an otherwise enchanting wooden wedding band or ring is that they necessitate special care and maintenance to stay in their pristine condition for a long period. You cannot resize these wedding rings, but the affirmative is that they are pretty affordable if you want to replace the item with a few changes down the path.

  • The ethical and environmental benefits of wood bands can go for a toss out of the window if you keep them with gold, diamond, gemstones, or platinum. You don’t obtain these materials through eco-friendly and ethical resources. 
  • While special care guidelines may depend on the kind of wooden band you buy, and how you make or finish it, always remove the item before swimming, bathing, or showering. 
  • Remove the items before doing any activity that involves your hands. It could expose the delicate material to hard knocks, abrasives, or chemicals.
  • While most of these rings can endure daily hand-washing, you mustn’t wear them on you expose your hands to moisture or water for long time periods. For example, when you wash dishes or take a shower. 
  • Make sure you get a new finish on the product to protect the core wood. Remove your wooden wedding band before applying cosmetics like hair gel and hand lotion on your hands.

On the storage

An airtight container is the safest place to store your wood jewelry. Do remember that storing your wooden piece in place that’s out of contact with other materials will help its metal elements stay new and bright. You can find dedicated boxes in epicweddingbands.com

If you want your jewelry to accumulate patina after some time, you need to keep them out in the open store them in a dedicated jewelry box. This is how they can develop a natural and worn or depleting patina. 

Polish the wooden item every six months. When the wood finish endures the test of time and doesn’t necessitate any long-term maintenance, just take a proper microfiber cloth and some natural wax to clean it.

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