Justice for Dog Bite Victims: Attorneys

Experiencing a dog attack is scary, and you could be left with serious injuries from the bites involved. While certain breeds of dogs are well-known for being potentially dangerous, other pets could bite with little warning. Either way, it is the responsibility of the dog’s owner to keep people safe, and working with an attorney is the best way for dog bite victims to find justice after an injury.

Recognize the Risks Involved With Dog Bites

With minor attacks, people sometimes try to brush off their injuries. While you might feel like minimizing the event to avoid embarrassment or appearing weak, this can rapidly backfire. Approximately three to 18% of dog bites develop infections, which can sometimes spread throughout your body. 

Even a single minor dog bite that breaks the skin could eventually lead to a need for expensive medical care along with lost time from work or school while you focus on your recovery. If the dog bites were multiple or extended to your muscle, you could face even more risks for your recovery. Some people need physical therapy and other forms of long-term care to help them recover from a dog bite.

Begin Documenting Your Injuries and Financial Needs

You can seek medical attention after the dog bites you as soon as possible. This is recommended even if you suspect the bite is mild since it could be more complicated than it looks on the surface. If the attack was severe, you might need someone to help you gather information from your initial visit to the hospital. 

Make sure to keep any medical records, bills and other pertinent information from this point moving forward. You’ll also want to keep receipts for any over-the-counter supplies you purchase, such as bandages and pain medication. If the costs are substantial, these can also be included in your dog bite injury claim.

Understand How an Experienced Attorney Can Help

A dog bite attorney is experienced in helping people with these types of injuries. Dog bite cases are unique since animals often act erratically, and their owner is typically responsible for the injuries. Attorneys help victims with their cases by providing several essential services. Your attorney can help you document your injuries and the associated costs. They’ll also negotiate with insurance companies, ensure important paperwork is completed on time and represent you in court if your case goes to trial.

Discuss the Types of Compensation Dog Bite Survivors Receive

When you sit down with your attorney, they’ll talk to you about the types of damages that the other party or their insurance company may be responsible for covering. As a dog bite victim, you could be entitled to receive compensation to pay your related medical bills along with any needs for ongoing care. 

If the dog bite resulted in injuries that caused permanent damage, you could also receive compensation for potentially lost wages and your pain and suffering. Keeping detailed records of any work you miss or lowered pay can help you get the most from your settlement.

Continue to Follow Your Treatment Plan and Attorney’s Advice

One mistake that people commonly make is trying to go back to their normal routine before they are fully recovered. Another one is posting information on social media that could make it appear that your injuries aren’t as severe as described in your personal injury claim. Talk to your attorney about things you must avoid doing that could harm your case. 

For instance, posting an image of you going for a hike on social media while you have a dog bite on your leg could harm your case. The same is true about ending your health care before it’s time. Following your treatment plan helps you achieve the best recovery, and ongoing medical care helps to bolster your claims.

Dog bite injury cases can get complicated, and it is common for the other party to try to get out of covering any compensation that you should receive for your medical bills, along with pain and suffering. Working with an attorney gives you the support to manage your case and move forward with your recovery.

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