Kam 50 Con {March 2022} Is This Safe To Access portal?

To understand detailed information about Kam 50 Con, you can consider this article. It has been jotted down to assist you.

Do you like Bengali acting and sequels? Are you searching for a forum that provides exclusive Bengali serials handily? If so, we have an outlet for you that is controversial and prominent worldwide. Bengali serials are so underrated, but a huge population is still so into this pastime. 

Note: We have gathered all the essential information in this article based on Internet research. 

So, that particular platform is known as Kam 50 ConIt is a sort of website which gives access to people around the globe. Let’s get to know about this more-

About Kam 50

It is a Bangladeshi website where any individual can watch Bengali serials online. All the well-known theatres, serials and series are accessible on this website. 

The website is available for people around the globe, but a maximum of the spectators and observers are from Bangladesh. The specific forum is popular on Bing also. 

All the Indian Bengali serials are accessible on the Kam50 Com Kam50 Cm. If you want in-depth information about this website, continue reading this article. 


  • Website Name- Kam50
  • Website- https://www.kam50.com/
  • Trust Score- 14.4 out of 100
  • Creation Date- 3rd December, Friday, 2021 at midnight. 
  • Website Popularity- 7105192 that is poor. 
  • Blacklist Status- Not detected by any blacklist engine. 
  • HTTPS Connection- Valid connection has been found. 
  • Expiry Date- 3rd December, Saturday, 2022.
  • Area of the Server- California, the United States. 
  • The Industry Country- Bangladesh
  • Alexa Rank- 8466059 
  • Reviews- Below average or less than average. 

Why is Kam50 Com Trending? 

This forum is trending because of the variety it is offering to the spectators and because of its sovereign nature. Yes, you’ve read it right, all the Indian Bengali serials are unrestricted, and there’s also diversity for you.

What do the Reviews Say? 

There are no specific customer reviews available about this website. A few people are satisfied with the availability of the series free of cost. 

But, this service will end soon this year, around December. This thing is triggering the viewers, plus the trust index and Alexa rank are also not favourable to them.

Tips to Use Kam50 Com Kam50 Cm-

You need to follow the following steps to use this forum-

  • Firstly, open the link through Google or Bing on your appliances. 
  • Then, the address bar will arise. Just put up the website address there carefully. 
  • Now, press the enter lever and the website will be unlocked. 
  • Finally, select and search the series from the Menu which you wish to watch and enjoy. 

Is the Website Legit? 

  • Trust Score– The website has an inferior trust score. 
  • About Domain– The domain was created very late and is available for only one year. It will expire soon, in December 2022.
  • Customer Review– There are very few customer reviews that too are not optimistic at all 


In conclusion, Kam 50 Con is a questionable website. Based on all the data compiled above about this outlet, we cannot consider this platform safe and wouldn’t suggest you use this. 

But, if you’re thinking of accessing this website, we recommend doing research first. 

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