Kemper Durand Memphis {Sep} What Aggravated Kidnapping?

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People in the United States are blown after hearing the kidnapping news of Eliza Fletcher. The person suspected as guilty of the incident was charged decades ago for abducting Kemper Durand Memphis.

What Happened With Kemper Durand, Memphis

In 2000, Kemper Durand, a famous attorney in Memphis, was forced by a gunman who wanted Durand to use his ATM. But the armed officers arrived at that place when Durand cried out for help. After seeing the armed officers, the perpetrator fled from the place. 

Later the gunman was identified. That criminal’s name was Cleotha Abston, who was convicted and tried to kidnap Durand. On February 13, 2013, Durand passed away. Recently, the kidnapping of Eliza Fletcher raises the question among the people about the reason for the aggravation of such a situation.

What Is Especially Aggravated Kidnapping

As per Tennessee Code, Kidnapping has been regarded as a severe offense. In the code, there is also the definition of Aggravated Kidnapping. The situations which fall under Aggravated Kidnapping are:

  • If the abduction happened by using deadly arms or the victim thought the weapon was deadly.
  • Under 13, this kind of incident took place.
  • If the victim is injured because of the incident.
  • Finally, if the ransom has to be paid.

If a person gets convicted of the above charges, they must be imprisoned for 15 to 60 years. So, we have discussed What Is Especially Aggravated Kidnapping

Current Situation Of Abston

If we talk about Cleotha Abston, who was in prison for 20 years for the abduction of Kemper Durand According to the sources, Abston was arrested again in the Eliza Fletcher case. 

Detail Incident of Eliza Fletcher

Eliza, who was a teacher in a kindergarten and the mother of two children found missing on September 2 while she was out for jogging. Her husband complained in the police station. 

After the investigation, it was known that a man had abducted her from her vehicle. The videos help police to identify Abston.

Why Is Kemper Durand Memphis Trending In News

It is very logical to ask why the abduction, which happened in 2000, is suddenly trending in the news. The obvious answer was the abduction of Kemper Durand in 2000, and the abduction of Eliza Fletcher was done by the same person, Abston. Because of this, the news of Kemper Durand is circulating.

Note – All the details have been taken from reliable internet sources. 


We found that the abduction of Fletcher Eliza and Kemper Durand (2000) was done by the same person, that is, Abston. Gratefully Kemper Durand Memphis‘s criminal has been identified earlier and in recent cases.

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