Kevin McClam Missing {July 2022} How Did He Go Missing?

This post will help you to understand the case of Kevin McClam Missing and how authorities are still in the hope of getting information.

What happened to Kevin McClam? Is he still alive? Many posts are found on social media related missing of Kevin McClam. People of Canada kept thinking about his missing. Is there any information about that person? People are still searching for the truth. This post will give you information about Kevin McClam Missing.

Where did he go missing?

Kevin Lamont McClam’s case is a mystery. The 14-year boy was last spotted at his residence in Goose Creek around 1 am. Before his disappearance, he was playing a video game with her sister. He was later found missing after his mother and sister woke up in the evening. After two days, his clothes were spotted on the construction premises. Also, an eyewitness reported that he might have seen Kevin because he assumed the walking description near the construction site. In 2006, the officials announced the case was supposed to be murder according to the forensic evidence and new reports gathered from the public.

Since when Kevin McClam Missing?

Kevin has been missing since last March 30, 1997. He was at that time 14 years old. His disappearance put suspense in the mind of people and his family. According to his mother, he never used to skip his meals. She doubted he vanished at night because he visited his friends to meet them, but that day all denied his presence. In 2006, Michael Moorcroft was investigated, and his description of how he and Thomas McCardle killed Kevin shocked the cops. After examining his house, they found nothing related to Kevin’s murder. Later the search continues in Goose Creek and gave no result.

When did Kevin McClam Missing?

If Kevin is alive, he must be 40 years today. The news creates a sensation at that time. Police today also seek support from the people for further information. He was only 14 when he vanished in 1997. The case was found to be a crime. Though many suspects have been investigated, the results were zero in the end. The mother, Tracy, finds exceptional missing his son. Because he never leaves the house before asking them.

Till now, cops are looking for further information. If you want to know more about Kevin Mcclam Missing, read this post until the end.

Final verdict

People are still in suspense about what exactly can happen to Kevin McClam though he has been publicly declared a homicide. But no clues of his body have been exposed. Further information is still required for this case. We will let you know if it is available of any information. We hope you like this article about the missing person of Goose Creek. If any additional details are required, then please click the link given below:  

This post displays how mysterious this case is and how far people accept the truth. What are your opinions on Kevin McClam Missing? Please let us know in the comment section below.

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