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Read extensive facts, services, functions, and user benefits of Also, know its legitimacy in this article about Laluibersama Online com.

There are millions of people suffering from psychological health issues in Indonesia. Many of them do not diagnose psychological health as they can tolerate it. People who want basic diagnoses can refer to It is an online psychological support group endorsed by Airlangga Research Group for Translational Medicine and Therapeutics (TMT). 

Let’s check all the details of the Laluibersama portal to know about its services, authenticity and reviews in this article about Laluibersama Online com.


What is Laluibersama?

The primary mission of Laluibersama is to research clinical trials and to help people with psychological disorders. The user can take the basic assessment to ascertain their psychological health condition. The website provides 21 questions related to conditions determined in psychological ill subjects.

How does help people?

Once you answer all 21 questions and click the ‘check’ button, the website calculates the levels of psychological illness. Based on the results, the website provides valuable suggestions. However, the result page is currently not getting generated in most cases.

Laluibersama Online com research modules:

  1. There are four stages in which research is carried out at Laluibersama. In the first stage, Laluibersama laboratory Recherches on meta-analysis in animal modules. 
  2. The second stage researches cells outside the living organism and computer-based research modules.
  3. The third module considers the results from stage-1 and stage-2 research for developing medications that can be used in humans. 
  4. Stage four continues clinical trials among large populations to determine the usefulness of medicine and its safety. 
  5. Stage four is in line with the government guidelines for implementing the use of medicine and as per the guidelines of Health Technology Assessments.

Laluibersama Online com mission:

TMT is a part of the Faculty Of Medicine University Airlangga Surabaya. Its vision is to determine ingredients’ safety, effectiveness and usefulness in formulating a medicine. Laluibersama aims to become a leading research group at the national and international levels. 

Conclusion: is a legitimate platform endorsed by TMT, Faculty Of Medicine University Airlangga. Laluibersama has a good 86% trust score, a poor 12/100 DA score, and a terrible 2,494,999 Alexa rank. It uses a valid HTTPS protocol, and its IP has a valid SSL certificate for the next 192 days. More than 30 website reviews for Laluibersama suggest that it is legitimate. 

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