Lawyers of Distinction Scam {Sep} Read All Related Facts

The guide shares details to help everyone know Lawyers of Distinction Scam and what people have to say. 

Are you an attorney who wants his achievements to be recognized by the organization? The Lawyer of Distinction Award is something that every attorney in the United States wants to secure. 

Many are impressed with the certificates and it is true for many legal vanity firms, but some ask for participation payments. Lawyers of Distinction are organizations that screen participants who meet the set guidelines and ask for payments. Therefore, people want to know is Lawyers of Distinction Scam or legit.

Are Lawyers of Distinction Legit or Scam Firm?

Lawyers of Distinction is an innovative private marketing firm that utilizes innovative solutions and tools to promote its members. It claims no defense bias, political affiliations, or limited membership. But, the organization is trending these days because of some scams reported by a couple of lawyers. 

Many participants have confirmed that the firm is duping them for the awards. They are sending automated messages and emails confirming their awards. A user in the United States also said that they are asking them to pay $700 to become Lawyers of Distinction in Family Law. These things make this organization untrustworthy.

Are Lawyers of Distinction Scam – What is Lawyers of Distinction?

Lawyers of Distinction are a legal vanity firm involved in marketing and promoting their members to stay ahead in the competition. The firm claims to offer Lawyers of Distinction Awards to its members who participate or are nominated. They have no limited membership, no political affiliation, and defense bias.  

However, we have found some user comments that confirm that the firm is a scam. They have shared comments against the firm, ensuring they ask them for money to become Lawyers of Distinction in Family Law. Another user said he had received spam nominations in his email even when he is not a lawyer. All these things prove Lawyers of Distinction Scam and not legit.

How Are People Reacting?

After evaluating online, we have found some comments and feedback from online users. People are sharing comments to update others that the firm is a scam. They are nominating a false individual who is not an attorney for the award and even asking for money to become Lawyers of Distinction.

Many examples confirm that Lawyers of Distinction is a scam and not legit. The firm was also in the news for duping people and sending spam nomination emails a couple of years ago. So, all these things make Lawyers of Distinction Scam. So, if you are also receiving such nomination emails, please inform the authorities to take action on it. 


Lawyers of Distinction are a private marketing organization that uses tools to promote its members for the Lawyers of Distinction Award. Many people have commented against the firm and confirmed that it is a scam. According to their comments, the firm targets lawyers and non-lawyers and sends spam nomination emails for the award. So, the Lawyers of Distinction Scam is true, and you must stay alert to such scams.   

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