5 Recommendations on How to Adapt to Living in Spain After Real Estate Purchase

Those who come to Spain for the first time are often slightly perplexed by the local culture. But later, when all the nuances of life in Spain become clear, they finally and irrevocably fall in love with this country.  Real estate prices in Spain for expats make the country even more alluring for foreigners.  

Spain is a very bright and colorful country with its own special culture that is not always clear to an average foreigner. This is what makes it so popular among tourists. We want to return here and learn more and more. And the passionate Spanish people, which at first glance may seem a bit aggressive, are in fact incredibly friendly, sincere, genuine and not afraid to show their emotions.  

However, is it really difficult to adapt to a new lifestyle? Let`s consider 5 recommendations that will make the first period of staying in the country more pleasant.

Learn Spanish

Living in Spain after a real estate purchase can be both thrilling and challenging. One crucial aspect of adapting to this new life is learning Spanish. Embracing the local language opens doors to authentic cultural experiences, meaningful interactions with locals, and a deeper understanding of the country’s traditions. By immersing oneself in the language, expats can truly integrate into their new community and feel more at home in Spain.

It is spoken not only in Spain, but also in most Central and Latin American countries, as well as the Caribbean islands. What’s more, Spanish is spoken by 58 million people in the U.S. and is a state language, along with English, in Puerto Rico. Life in the country is impossible without communication with locals. Moreover, if you intend to live in Spain for a long period, only Spanish will help you to use the opportunities provided.

Knowledge of Spanish is required everywhere. You will not find a job, you cannot even go shopping or order food, for example. Besides, language acquisition is an important skill. You can begin by learning the basics, such as the days of the week in Spanish, and then gradually learn the sentence construction. Speaking Spanish, you can perform the following actions:

  • travel and feel like home in any Spanish-speaking country;
  • get a better job in an international company;
  • join culture and look at it in its natural form (not translated);
  • find new friends all around the world.

Be open to change and blend into the local culture

At first, everything around you will seem strange and incomprehensible. Some people get the urge to leave, or just close up in the four walls, but it is not desirable. All changes are for the better, and all the problems are only hardening, so open up to everything new and boldly move forward.

If you want to get used to the lifestyle in a new country as quickly as possible, you should get to know the local youth, your peers. New friends will be happy to help you learn more about the youth scene in the city, show you the best places to relax and have fun, and support you in learning the language.

Remember that you can always come back to your native country. Relocation is just a great chance to obtain new experience and use more profitable opportunities.

Prepare for winter beforehand

In Spain, only about 10% of homes are connected to central heating. Renting or selling an apartment without batteries is absolutely normal. New houses and apartments with good repair are equipped with individual heaters. In economy class the owners of housing will most likely have to arrange heating on their own.  Sometimes due to the high humidity in the winter at home it can be cold.

Spain-Real.Estate provides high quality housing to live in comfort at any time of the year. Villas and apartments are equipped with necessary amenities to set pleasant temperatures during hot summers and cool winters.

Keep patience about Spanish bureaucracy 

It is difficult to admit but Spain is a country of bureaucrats. You will encounter this phenomenon on the stage of preparing documents. Bureaucracy will follow you everywhere.

It is customary to consider the large amount of paperwork that goes with any interaction with the executive authorities to be a manifestation of bureaucracy. Any buyer of residential real estate or an expat renting accommodation has a right to expect that they will be required to provide various proofs of their trustworthiness and solvency. Be ready that you will need to provide a long list of papers to get a necessary service.

Taste traditional and local food

Spanish national cuisine is a rich variety of dishes that vary from region to region. The formation of this country’s cuisine was greatly influenced by historical processes.

Such delicacies as jamón, seafood paella and tapas are known all over the world. But in fact, the main feature of Iberian cuisine is the variety of dishes and ingredients. Food occupies a very important place in the life of most Spaniards. It is no exaggeration to say that one’s life here is built around meals.

The bottom line

We have described 5 useful recommendations to make the process of adaptation smooth and facile. Changing your habits and world views will not happen in a minute. It requires some time. Just be open to a new culture, communicate with welcoming people and use the maximum of opportunities provided by the country.

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