Read About Major Mackenzie Accident- Was He Driving to Warden? Facts On Walmart and Bayview, Get More on the Road Closure

We have discussed here Major Mackenzie Accident, the recent updates on the road closure and where the investigation has reached.

Are you aware of the recent accident that led to the tragic death of one of the York Regional Police? Police family across Canada are worried after the back-to-back loss of their members. Do you want to know what happened on Wednesday? Are you aware of what happened on Monday in Mississauga?

If so, we have all updated information on Major Mackenzie Accident; scroll below to know the full news.

What are the recent news updates?

A police officer died on Wednesday morning, the 14 of September 2022, when he was heading to work. The head-on collision was so deadly that it took the life of a thirty-eight years old regional police officer. The local police community is devastated after hearing the second death news this week.

The accident occurred on Wednesday morning when two vehicles collided head-on in the area of Major Mackenzie and Warden Avenue.

Initially, Police tried to hide the identity of the victim who was killed in the accident. However, later we learned that the one who died in the collision was Constable Travis Gillespie, a 38-years-old York Regional Police Officer.

Where is the investigation reached?

Travis Gillespie was in a white Honda while another person was driving Porsche Cayenne. The Porsche Cayenne driver was identified as a twenty-three older man who suffered minor injuries, according to Constable Maniva Armstrong.

Meanwhile, there is an update on Major Mackenzie Road Closure today. The YRP tweeted that the road is now re-opened for commuters. The reason for the crash has not yet been revealed, but the investigators asked witnesses to come forward so that they fasten the enquiry. Also, it is not yet clear what charges the survivor would face.

Who was Travis Gillespie?

Gillespie was constable for Metrolinx/GO Transit and was sworn in as constable for York Regional Police on the 29 of April 2020. He left behind his family, friends, and co-workers.

It was the second death near Walmart Major Mackenzie and Bayview in the same week. Previously, Andrew Hong, a police constable in Toronto, was shot down on Monday. The police department in the region mourns for this back-to-back loss.

Gillespie was a hard worker and liked by his co-workers. He was only thirty-eight and could bring many changes to serve and protect the community.

What do people have to say about Warden and Major Mackenzie crash?

Jim MacSween, the regional Police Chief, said the accident was devastating news for our organization and offered condolences to the family. York Regional Police Association is working to extend their support to the family.

A retired Chief Special Constable, Bill Grodzinski, at Metrolinx said it’s a devastating loss for the entire community. Maniva said it’s a reminder that accidents can happen at any time, whether you are in uniform or not.

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Warden Major Mackenzie area crash brings heart-breaking news for the entire regional Police community and the Gillespie family. The loss is irreplaceable, and we pray for his soul to rest in peace. You can read further updates on the official Twitter account of York Regional Police.

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