Entering the Metaverse Could Focus On Gamefi

Over the years, the games industry has managed to attract the attention of many users, leading it to reach a market value that exceeds 200 billion dollars.

A proposal that initially seemed exclusive to a group of people today represents the focal point that relates to Web 2.0 and Web3, where the integration of prominent corporate game creators with a reward system that goes directly to players’ digital wallets, where cryptocurrencies are the economic means to make even being part of their metaverses more interesting. 

It is why GameFi is the fundamental piece for the Web3 economic project. 

Consequently, it has developed a platform closer to what the Metaverse represents than the Meta concept itself, which could facilitate the introduction of people to digital property.

The tremendous profits generated by the electronic games sector are mainly not directed to user accounts, much less to the creator companies; it is required by the platforms that advertise and promote their use, such as Google, Facebook, and Apple. Visit the Immediate Edge site for more information.

The Metaverse as technological diversification

The concept of the Metaverse has brought about many discussions where advocates and opponents of the proposal for a virtual reality digital ecosystem that can control the daily development of people and radically transform what is currently known as the Internet.

We have seen how the evolution of technology, where social networks are part of people’s daily life, makes it much more valid that diversification is projected not only in services but also in the way the economy is seen from the digital perspective.

A transformation that can occur anytime because users demand it is based on interpersonal relationships brought to a virtual environment and everything related to electronic commerce, where large companies (Google and Meta) could be affected from the start advertising point of view.

It is relevant to evaluate the impact that the use and application of 5G technology will have, where the technology and the trends projected by a new virtual reality would be transformed. 

On the other hand, there is the economic and financial aspect since the ecosystem of the Metaverse will bring with it a set of proposals through which its economic system will be established, which will be linked to the traditional economy of the real world.

The income generation will be from a 100% virtual perspective, allowing users of the Metaverse to promote e-commerce through purchasing, selling, and exchanging goods, services, and products.

The fact of conceptualizing the presence of companies without having to be in physical spaces is how traditional commercial operations will be diversified to a virtual reality level.

The economy of the Metaverse hopes not to be a monopoly

Currently, it is observed that a limited group of companies worldwide are the ones that fully control the operations that generate profits from the concept of browsing the Web.

That is why over the months, we see how companies from various sectors and levels of financial positioning join the metaverse project; it is critical to assess that if large companies are betting on the Metaverse, it is because they find in it the possibility of increasing their Profits.

It seems to be the perfect opportunity to build a monopoly for any of the large companies that are joining this concept; only the chance is the same for everyone; that is why the main objective is to eliminate the possibility of creating an idea where it is seen benefited only one participant.

There are three elements to consider, of which only users will have the power to assert them: freedom, innovation, and the possibility of transmitting to others the creation of spaces where opportunities are equal for all.

World-renowned companies are betting everything on the Metaverse because they find in this world of virtual reality the perfect opportunity to transcend the operations and negotiations that already take place in the real world but from scratch with the whole experience.


The way to visualize what the Metaverse will offer is through existing video game platforms, where not only a series of tasks are fulfilled, but social interaction between gamers has been added, leading to a higher level of social relationship. that the fulfillment of the goals of the game.

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