A Millionaire Metaverse That Only Attracted 38 Users

Some media outlets have reported that the metaverse has approached well-known organizations like UPS and Samsung to become part of Decentraland.

It is expected that with these notifications, it will be possible to attract many more users to overcome the low rate that has been shown lately.

Decentraland, also known as the web metaverse 3, provides the service in sales of digital installments, about 90 thousand in total, where users who wish to enter and acquire can do so without specific requirements or limitations.

This virtual platform has more than 8 thousand Internet users constantly operating and working with DappRadar. Many operations and smart contracts can be monitored to see and analyze users’ performance on said platform. You can trade in cryptocurrencies with the bitcoin era.

Unexpected results in Meta adoption

From the beginning, it was guaranteed that the metaverse would be most users’ most significant virtual attraction. Still, nevertheless, there are many disadvantageous situations seen today.

It is a project in which billions of dollars in technology have been invested; it is destined to attract as much attention as possible, which has not turned out that way.

The available number of total users of the metaverse is considered insignificant because they are very interactive, modern, and digital platforms for much more.

The total development of Meta is considered late

All the publicity made around the creation of the metaverse has not been prominent and defined for the Internet community; perhaps after many years, this virtual environment is ready and complete in its entirety; all this will lead to the investment of many millions of dollars.

With all that publicity that has been provided, it serves to gain reliability and credibility with organizations and private users, that these investments will not be in vain, that the most innovative virtual project of today will succeed and that the acquisitions made in the overtime they will bring prosperity.

The best example we can cite is the platform Facebook, where the metaverse benefits and uses this medium to distract and instruct users helpfully, improving daily.

There are still many uncertainties, both from the technology companies who must ensure security and privacy in the various Meta platforms and the people who must think about whether they want to spend much of their time in the middle of this virtual environment.

The multi-million-dollar investments within the metaverse

Microsoft is developing its business metaverse Epic Games announced the acquisition of more than 1 billion dollars to meet its requirements and be part of the metaverse, giving the Fortnite provider a revaluation of more than 30 billion dollars.

In the middle of this year, the tycoon Matthew Ball contributed to the creation of an investment fund for the stock market, where users have the possibility of making investments in the platforms, they want from the metaverse, and not only individuals but also companies, industries, and other technology platforms.

The optimism of technology companies

The perseverance and perseverance of Zuckerberg and many other members of the construction and development of the metaverse maintain a positive attitude regarding the successful completion of this great project, regardless of the speculations and bad news that are heard around the completion of Meta.

It is hoped that users will consider the experience within this virtual world as the rebirth to a new life, where the limitations do not affect the decisions and participations that are made in said virtual spaces, and that this panorama achieves the success of a large number of users fascinated by being part of the metaverse.

Get them displayed in an entire interaction plane where you can share virtually with many more people, either in 3D reality or in real-time participation.

The metaverse offers the user to be immersed in their environment in a way that they witness and not like the other web platforms where you can only observe how the processes take place; this medium will be created over time, which will become a genuine technology for many companies and netizens.


The metaverse will increase its credibility, gain a more significant number of users as it is completed, and offer all users the satisfaction of meeting all expected expectations.

Technology will always ensure that its new models of innovation are entirely accepted and implemented since that is the future of all aspects of daily life.

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