How to Choose a Mobile Phone Booster for Offices

Wireless Internet and cellular communication allow us to remain available 24 hours a day in any corner of the world. We watch online videos, call relatives and colleagues, and play games with friends. Wireless data transmission means freedom of movement and efficiency of work. Today, it is almost impossible to imagine a normal life without these benefits.

Unfortunately, the construction of networks by cellular operators does not always keep pace with our needs, so there are still areas of weak cellular signal in and between small settlements. It happens that the connection works fine on the street but indoors difficulties begin with incoming and outgoing calls. To increase the speed of the Internet and eliminate breaks during calls, devices, and even entire sets of equipment, special technologies were developed. Briefly, their principle of operation can be described as follows: the signal from the base station hits the antenna, then it is amplified and distributed inside the building. The most popular of them are services of ee mobile phone booster for offices

Types of EE mobile signal boost amplifiers

Depending on the usage scenario, the distance to the operator tower, floor area, and communication standards, several types of devices are used:  

  • repeater-based amplifiers; 
  • amplifiers based on routers or modems; 
  • amplifiers based on stationary GSM phones; 
  • car amplifiers. 

So, how not to make a mistake and choose the right amplifier? Let’s figure it out together! Moreover, to speed up this task, feel free to contact the UCtel specialists! 

Repeater-based amplifiers

The most powerful and versatile class of incoming signal enhancement devices. By using a repeater together with a set of antennas, the highest gain is achieved. The repeater creates a cellular coverage area indoors. Repeaters differ in supported frequencies, gain and output power. Simple sets are suitable for an apartment, a small office, or a country house, while more powerful devices will perfectly prove themselves on the territory of shopping centers, production sites, and large hunting grounds.

If it is necessary to amplify only voice communication, then a repeater with support for the GSM standard operating in the 900 MHz and/or 1800 MHz band can be used. To enhance the mobile Internet and 3G voice transmission, a repeater with a frequency of 2100 MHz is suitable. To get a boost in 4G network speed, you need a repeater that supports 2600 MHz, 1800 MHz, or 800 MHz. 

In addition, some devices match several standards at once. 

For instance, they are: 

  • GSM-900 + GSM-1800; 
  • GSM + 3G; 
  • 3G + 4G; 
  • GSM + 3G + 4G.

Depending on the model, the repeater gain ranges from 60 to 90 dB. If the repeater is installed no further than 5 km from the operator’s tower, then it is enough to select a device with a coefficient of 60–65 dB. If the distance to the base station of a cellular operator is more than 15 km, then you cannot do without equipment with a power of 75 dB and a good outdoor antenna. The range of the kit also depends on the communication standard used. 

The GSM signal can be received at a distance of up to 30 km from the place where the amplifier is installed. For 3G and 4G standards, the distance from the kit to the operator’s station is reduced to 10 and 5 km, respectively. On economy-class devices, the gain is a constant value, while mid-range and premium-segment repeaters provide the ability to manually adjust the power.

Another characteristic of the device is the output power. The higher it is, the larger the coverage area becomes. 

Amplifiers based on routers or modems 

One of the most affordable options for organizing the work of fast mobile 3G/4G Internet on the territory of a small house, office, site, gas station, or cafe by the road.

The main device that increases the signal level is an outdoor antenna with a gain of 14 to 22 dBi. The antenna is connected to a modem or 3G/4G router via a high-frequency coaxial cable. The most expensive kits have low-power signal amplifiers. The coverage area depends on the WiFi modem/router used and ranges from 50-200 m2. After connecting an additional set of WiFi access points, the network coverage area can be increased up to 1200 m2.

Car amplifiers 

If you are often on the road, you can easily find yourself out of the coverage area of ​​​​the operator without voice communication and mobile Internet. Communication amplifiers for cars are suitable for solving this problem.

All-weather equipment works under any conditions and differs only in the support of certain frequencies. To improve voice communication and the Internet, a GSM + 3G car amplifier is suitable. For high-speed mobile Internet with 3G voice communication, we recommend using a 3G + 4G car amplifier. When you need to amplify the signal of all popular communication standards at once, then take a closer look at universal devices with GSM + 3G + 4G support.

Amplifiers based on stationary GSM phones 

A ready-made kit for working with cellular networks of the second generation is useful where you need to create a fixed voice communication point in a zone of poor signal reception: a summer house, a store outside the city, a remote office, a gas station in the countryside or a car repair shop on the highway. The most affordable set consists of a GSM phone, an external emitter, and a cable assembly for connecting devices.

Summing it up

So, by choosing a mobile phone booster amplifier for offices, pay attention to the next:

  • Repeater-based amplifiers

A repeater-based booster can be chosen when you need to improve voice and/or mobile internet on all cellular devices in the room.

  • Amplifiers based on routers or modems 

If you only need to speed up mobile Internet, we recommend choosing an amplifier based on a 3G/4G modem and an external antenna or using a ready-made outdoor router.

  • Car amplifiers 

Car amplifiers are your choice during long trips by private transport. The installation of this equipment reduces the length of blind spots on the roads and helps to get a stable signal where the cellular network used to work intermittently.

  • Amplifiers based on stationary GSM phones 

A stationary GSM telephone is an excellent choice for installing telephones on premises where it is technically impossible to install a city communication line. Also, for more information about mobile phone booster services, you can by contacting UCtel.

Also, you need to know the operator’s operating frequencies, the size of your home, and the distance to the nearest operator’s station.

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