App {August 2022} Is It A Scam? Read!

This post on App talks about the App, its effects, and how it has been exposed to a Russian malware scam. 

Do you want a new profile picture for your social media? Do your animated pictures make a good profile picture? You can now make a great profile picture with the help of ne This has made news in India over the quality of its profile pictures. Even though this App is not recent, it has been in the news recently. 

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Why is a new profile pic on the news? 

The new profile picture App helps consumers to select a picture from their camera roll, upload it on the site or mobile App, and then convert it to a profile picture with umpteen effects and other avatars. These pictures are entirely AI-driven, and fresh arrivals are introduced every week. Over 100K+ people have liked the avatars and the changes made to their pictures. The site is based on social media platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter.

New Profile Pic Dotkom, as mentioned before, has been in the news recently. This is because of the news that went viral on Twitter. The news was that the app was a front for a Russian malware scam. This app has been liked by many, so knowing about this shocking news has everyone in a dilemma on whether to use the app. People have, thus, been worried about their data and have been withdrawing from the app as a whole. has uncovered this story. They have attached the link to the app to the tweet and have mentioned that this highly liked app could be a part of the Russian malware scam.

What will happen to App?

Users of the Newprofilepic App have been taken aback by this news. People have stopped using the app, which could prove disastrous for the company and its growth on social media apps. The app converts basic photos to avatars and gives them different kinds of effects. The understanding that these apps are used for Russian malware scams will affect the site’s popularity. Not only that, if the company does not respond to this ordeal, it can ultimately lead to the avatars and effects of the site being brought down. This is highly undesirable for New Profile Pic Dotkom. 


In summation of this post, the Newprofilepic App is used to bring new avatars and effects to life on social media. It has gained popularity recently for its interactive avatars, and a new effect or avatar is introduced every week.  The new news has come to attention that this app is a front for a Russian malware scam. This has caused an upsurge in consumers, making them furious and causing distrust, which led to their stopping using the app. To know more about this news, please check this link

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