Nilah {July 2022} Know Unknown And Essential Info!

This article provides information to interested readers who want to know about Nilah and looking for her powers and skills in the game. Read it once.

Do you want to know about the newest league of legends champion? Are you looking for information about the Nilah and its powers? The League of Legends game has released a champion for their game, and the users in Canada, the United States, Italy and the United Kingdom look forward to know about it in detail.

Your search is over because we will discuss Nilah and everything related to the character in detail. So, let’s get started. 

Who is Nilah in the League of League game?

Nilah will be the newest champion in LoL, i.e., League of Legends game, and the role she will be playing in the game is ADC. The creators announced on their official Twitter channel with her photo and quoted ‘Evil Falls to Joyous Strength. You will Know Her Name. 

You can check anything about the character on the official website of and type Nilah on the search box. Now, let’s see the powers of Nilah and other facts. 

Nilah Counters– What are her powers in the game?

As Nilah is the new champion, it is important to know about the powers and the skills that help the player win the game. 

  • Nilah player’s tier is class D. 
  • The win rate is 48.35%. 
  • Nilah falls at the rank of 22 out of 28. 
  • The weapons used by the Nilah are Immortal Shieldbow (Mythics), Infinity Edge, Phantom Dancer, and Death’s Dance (Popular Items). 
  • Nilah falls into the category of a fighter. 

If you want to take a closer look, then it’s better that you check it on the official website of 

Nilah– what will be the release date?

The officials do not yet reveal an exact date of the character’s release. However, the Nilah will be available for users in 2022. Earlier, a developer video was released showing specific references related to the release of Nilah with a water symbol. 

The water logo was similar to one of the demons who gets his power from her and different puns. However, at this point, no one has the information related to the actual release date of Nilah. 

What makes Nilah the dangerous character?

Nilah is one of the champions in LoL, and just like Master Yi, this character is also powerful and dangerous to their enemies. The characters come in the marksman category, and the attack is around 58-92% which comes in the critical hit. 

Also, the health and armour of Nilah are better than most of the characters, and that’s why people are looking for its official release in the game. 


In the end, we can say that League of Legends is known for its different characters and their powers in the game, but Nilah is different from all of them. Not only is she dangerous and powerful, but she is also heavily skilled and equipped, per the information on Nilah 

What’s your favourite character in LoL? Please share your answer with us.

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