Patrisse Cullors Scam {Oct 2022} Read The Details!

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What is Patrisse Khan Cullors Scam?

As per the various reports, one of the founders of the organization “Black Lives Matter,” Patrisse Khan Cullors, is presently accused of stealing $ 10 million from the organization’s donation money and investing for his personal use. Thus, a lawsuit has been filed for the Patrisse Cullors Scam and for misusing the organization’s money.

The accused former colleagues filed the lawsuit against Patrisse Cullors, and the court called Mr. Shalomyah Bowers during the court case filing. He called the whole act Patrisse as “using the non-profit organization’s money as her piggy bank.” The matter of financial misconduct came to the limelight only after the accused, Patrisse Cullors, started repurchasing Real Estate properties in 2016. Also, reports state that the leader of Black Lives Matter brought back-to-back four luxury homes. 

Properties owned by Patrisse Cullors

The Patrisse Cullors Scam came into the limelight when the founder Patrisse Khan Cullors started purchasing and investing in huge properties. The organization was boosted when it received almost $66.5 million from its various sponsors in George Floyd’s death case. 

According to the sources, the multiple properties owned by the accused are four luxury houses worth $ 3 million purchased in 2020, and now the exact worth of the property stands at $ 6 million. The house has several fireplaces, bungalows, pools, and bedrooms attached to it, with a total area of approximately 6500 sq. feet.

Why is the Patrisse Cullors Scam news trending?

The Patrisse Khan Cullors Scam news becomes a highlight once the secret of her luxury houses is revealed. On the first anniversary of George Floyd’s death, the founders, including Patrisse Cullors, made a youtube video at her bungalow. After witnessing the luxury background, all the spectators started questioning who owned the luxury house. 

Later while investigating the matter, the co-founders found that Patrisse, the accused, owned the personal properties. Recently, the colleagues filed a lawsuit against the alleged accused, and thus the matter has moved to court.

The Final Closing

The exclusive news on Patrisse Cullors Scam is quite shocking for the Black Live Matters Organisation members. The Patrisse Cullors stealing money issue came into further assurance after the fiscal Scrutiny of $90 million received by the Minneapolis Police in the form of compensation for the George Floyd Case.

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