Paul Sorvino Kids {July 2022} Read Information Now!

In the article, you will find about the Paul Sorvino Kids and their achievement. You will also read about his net worth and best creation.

Have you heard about the death of Paul Sorvino? Do you want to find out about the career of Paul’s Kids? The superstar from the movie Goodfellas died on 25th July 2022 at 83 in Florida, United States. 

After the death of Paul, people want to know about his children and their career. One of Paul’s kids is Mira Sorvino, who won the Oscar award in 1996 for the best-supporting actress in the movie Mighty Aphrodite. Moreover, people want to learn about the other Paul Sorvino Kids and their work or achievement.

About Paul’s Children

Paul Sorvino has three children from her first marriage with Lorraine Davis. He has two daughters and one son. Mira is the oldest kid of Paul, who also won an Oscar in 1996. She is around 54 years old now. The middle kid is Amanda, who is 51 years old. The youngest, Michael, is also famous as a voice artist in the game Mafia.

According to the report, the Goodfellas direction was written by Amanda. However, there is one more piece of information about harassment about Mira.

Goodfellas Paul Sorvino 

Paul did the movie Goodfella in 1990. This movie is the best creation because it includes all its family members. How about the role of Paul? He is a monster in the movie, and he was known as Paulie Cicero. The Director of the film is Martin Scorsese. The movie was based on the book Wiseguy, written by Nicholas Pileggi.

Paul became famous after Goodfellas, and this movie is very precious to him as it contains most of his family members. After his death at 83, people were shocked as he was very kind and generous.

Paul Sorvino Net Worth 2022

Paul worked from 1956 to 2022; he worked on many movies and television shows like a daily soap. In 2022 his net worth will be around $10 million by July. One of his famous TV shows is Law and Order, where he dedicated all his hard work and became very popular in this show.

Being such a good father and human, he always cared for his family and children. Paul lived his last moments of life with his third wife, Dee Sorvino. Paul Sorvino Wiki can help you find more information about his movie and children’s careers. He also had five grandchildren.


Paul Sorvino died at the age of 83 on 25th July 2022. He was a famous actor in the film Goodfellas. Moreover, he had three children who were also able to achieve a good life with the guidance of their parents. 

Did you see the TV show Law and Order of Paul? You can share your favourite movie of Paul in the comment section. To read more about Paul Sorvino Kids, you can visit his Wikipedia page 

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