Pay For “Burnt Hair” With Dogecoin

The usage of Cryptocurrency in everyday transactions is increasing over time. Many brands are accepting payments in digital currencies now. Among such brands, Elon Musk’s latest perfume release “Burnt Hair” is a prominent one. You can buy this latest release by Elon Musk with Crypto using bit qt trading platform.

In today’s world, you can buy products or services apart from investment with the help of Crypto. So, if you have Dogecoins, you can now buy this latest perfume released by Elon Musk’s brand. Let’s see in this blog more on what the brand has more to offer and everything related to it! 

More On This Perfume  

The richest man on Earth, Elon Musk is known to all. He has been supporting Dogecoin for a long time now. The major reason behind the massive success of this coin was Elon’s tweet for this coin. After that tweet, this coin went viral and it has been facing success since then. 

Now, after the acceptance of DOGE by his perfume brand will pump its success. He announced this step a few days back and even wrote “Perfume Salesman” as his Twitter bio. He describes this perfume to be the best in the world. And, he also adds that The Boring Brand will sell this perfume. 

In September, Elon informed us that this perfume will be for men. The fragrance will help them to be unique among all. But, later he informed that it can be used both by men and women. If you have a look at the brand’s website, you will find the description of this perfume. It is present in a small red bottle. The price of this perfume is 1000 USD, which is around 1,666 DOGE. 

Also, since it is in the presale stage, anyone who orders this item will receive it after the entry of 2023. Since the past few days, the sale of this item has been facing a massive rise. And, around 20,000 bottles have already been ordered. Elon Musk even urges everyone to buy this perfume so that he can buy Twitter! 

Elon’s Seriousness For Dogecoin

Elon’s interest in this meme coin can be noticed for a long time. Though, he shared playful tweets on Dogecoin during the initial days. Now, he has become more serious about this Token than ever! He even states that Dogecoin is easier for transactions than BTC. 

Also, his other brands like Tesla, Space-X, and now the Boring Brand, accept payment in Dogecoin. In mid-September of this year, Musk announced the release of a fresh catalog called “Cyberwhistle”. It contains the features of the company’s Cybertruck. You will be able to buy this Cybertruck only with DOGE. 

Since the last time Musk reverted from the deal of 44 billion USD, the entire Cryptocurrency community believes that he can be a boon for DOGE. Now, as he is thinking of buying the platform, he is suggesting many changes to it. He also wants to introduce an additional payment option, which will be Dogecoin

Though the involvement of Elon Musk was thought to surge higher, it is not the reality. Due to the existing Crypto winter, the price of DOGE is alongside BTC and ETH. But the announcement has increased the rates to some extent. At present, the rate of the token is around 0.059 USD. This is the rate after a surge of 8.30% in price and 71% in trade volumes.  


Dogecoin seems to be Elon Musk’s favorite token. So, he is quite serious about DOGE and wants to include it as a payment option on Twitter as well! And now, for his latest release “Burnt Hair”, which is a perfume, that can be bought with Dogecoins. His other brands also accept DOGE as a payment method. All these factors indicate that he is quite serious about this meme coin. 

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