Periksa Data .com {Sep 2022} Check Useful Data Here!

This article has been summarized with the latest information regarding the steps, importance, and usage of Periksa Data .com.

What does the Periksa data website do? Personal data trading information is back on social media. This time, data on the citizens’ 1.3 billion mobile phone numbers and SIM card registration data. When randomly dialed, most of the numbers are still active.

This means that the leaked data is genuine. Unfortunately, data theft cases are not trivial in Indonesia. To know the steps of Periksa Data .com and its uses, scroll through the article below. The measures have been researched and summarised.

Categories of checking data through Periksa Data Portal

General Personal Data, such as name, gender, nationality, religion, and personal data, to identify a person. Specific Personal Data includes medical history, biometric and genetic data, gender orientation, political views, criminal records, child data, financial data, and so on.

An account on the form called Bjorka shared an offer to buy and sell data. The statement shows 1.5 million samples of identity.

Periksa Data com Bpjs

The identification samples are NIK, mobile number, the cellular operator used, and registration date. In addition, 87 GB of data has been claimed to come from one of the official organizations of the Indonesian government.

However, after being confirmed, the related party denied that the data leak information came from the agency.

How to check for personal data leaks?

You can do the following to check for personal data leaks. The goal is to determine whether your cell phone number, NIK, and email are no longer safe from hacking and data misuse. Visit Periksa Data com Bpjs by the following steps in the next header:

About Check Data

The founder of the Ethical Hacker community, Teguh Aprianto, and his team have succeeded in creating a website that provides data leak testing services. You can also access it for free from any device.

The method:

  1. Go to the site
  2. On the start page, you will find a form field. Fill in the email address you want to check
  3. Click ‘Check Now’ to run data leak analysis
  4. Wait until the process is complete. Usually less than a minute.

Why is Periksa Data .com trending?

On this site, after completing the following steps, you can see the results of the email scanning at the bottom. When the email is not leaked, the server will display the message, “The various data leak incidents that have occurred so far have never involved your data.” However, when the server detects a data leak, it will show which site has your data and leak it.

Note – This article has been furnished with all the legit details regarding Periksa from authentic sources.

Final Verdict

This site will be a great advantage to society. The Periksa Data .com Check Data site also allows checking mobile numbers. Further, check their Instagram account to access more data and details. How to check for data leaks is the same as the steps above.

Have you ever been conned online? Let us know your reviews on this article in the comments section below. 

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