How to Practice Gratitude in Your Daily Life?

Practice Gratitude: Indeed, today is a good day to start giving thanks. Today you can awaken internal resources to improve reality. There are many ways. Because not everything depends on our mood but our attitude: nothing changes if you don’t change. Being grateful helps to find positive aspects in people and in stagnant situations. You can practice gratitude in all areas of your life, for example at work, with your family, or with your partner.

Practicing gratitude, understood as recognition for what you receive, tangible or intangible, allows you to turn around situations that would otherwise remain stagnant. Have you ever thought about what would happen if companies had a gratitude journal? What would happen if they practiced a culture of appreciation? Gratitude inspires us to feel more valuable and to perceive ourselves as more creative and energetic. This is because the neurotransmitters that come into play activate innovative thinking, flexibility, openness, curiosity, and love to innovate, and they have the restlessness to discover new things. 

At work

This is something that is already being taken into account in companies. It is the well-known “emotional salary”, which refers to all those non-economic retributions that the worker obtains and whose objective is to increase the image of their work environment positively, satisfying many of their personal needs, improving not only their quality of life but also promoting a good business climate. If you are a boss and take time to recognize and celebrate employees, transforming the goals achieved into gratitude, you will have a better work environment in the medium term. 

With your partner

You already know that one of the advantages of gratitude is that it makes you nicer. But when such an attitude is mutual, the couple feels stronger and more united. There are fewer power games, and connection and well-being are multiplied. You both feel better about the relationship and perceive each other as more free to express your concerns, especially fears related to ‘what’s going on between us?’ Often, many of the small mistakes are not taken into account. Still, if you want to keep the relationship alive, it is as necessary to learn to repair them as to be grateful for those things that allow you to continue forward.

There are different ways to say thank you and put gratitude into practice:

  1. Look for ways to express gratitude. You can leave a note, write a thank you letter expressing gratitude, or try to send it via social networks. Thank your mom for the tasty dinner, or a specialist from an essay writing service that helped you prepare an excellent paper for college, leaving him a positive review.
  2. Say thank you mentally. No time to write? It can be helpful to think of someone who has done something nice for you and feel you thank them as if they were by your side. 
  3. Write your gratitude notes. Get in the habit of writing about the spontaneous gifts that life gives you. This is a great practice for your mind because by translating thoughts into concrete language, you become more aware of them and deepen their emotional impact.
  4. Notice the benefits. When you learn to value the benefits, you will see they are excellent.
  5. Imagine a different life. An effective way to stimulate gratitude is to reflect on what your life would be like without specific blessings or people. Instead of counting only the good things, think about what might be missing.
  6. Enjoy every moment. Try to record unexpected or surprising events, raising your level of inner gratitude.
  7. Choose the right moment. While gratitude is an inner attitude that you can carry out at any time to reflect on the benefits, it is best to choose exactly a time when you are alone, at ease, and you can afford to make that mental list of gratitude.

Once you have put gratitude into practice and are already an expert, you will experience specific changes in yourself and your environment, even if your life is non-stop or you have a very absorbing profession. 

Gratitude will bring you many benefits:

  1. it encourages us to perceive that time stretches, that you have more time to devote to the people you care about, which significantly improves relationships and, consequently, the way you approach your professional and family life. Simply because you stop paying so much attention to what you lack.
  2. It makes more people feel good about you, and as a result, you feel less lonely and better surrounded.
  3. It improves your relationship with your partner. Arguments are reduced.
  4. Increases your ability to make better decisions.
  5. It Helps you achieve your professional goals by making your workplace less stressful and pleasant.
  6. It puts your strengths to work. It significantly reduces your feelings of pain or loss, and envy and makes your memories happier.
  7. It Helps you be more optimistic.
  8. Reduces materialism because it increases your ability to appreciate others. You reduce the attention to things that are not so important.
  9. Increases self-esteem and will help you recover from negative or painful emotional states.
  10. Improves your sleep. Try to think about the positive things that have happened to you that day and you will induce a relaxation response.
  11. Increases your energy level, which prompts you to exercise more, and endorphins begin to play a major role.

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