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Have you held your interest in the royal family in Britain? Do you love reading about the real occurrence which happened among one of the most elitist families on the planet? The royal family in the United Kingdom has special importance. 

People of the United States also have a special regard for this family. So, naturally, any incident which took place has become a discussable topic worldwide as the incident of Prince Charles Car Accident.

Car Accident of Prince Charles

An accident happened with the car of Prince Philip in 2019 with the car of Ms Fairweather and Kia. However, Prince Philip did not get any injury, but the people on the other side suffered a few injuries, including a fracture in the left wrist. 

Prince Charles gets worried because of this accident. While giving an interview, he said that Prince Philip was a person who lived his life on his terms and never bothered to listen to anyone.

Prince Philip did not say sorry to her because of the incident, as the victim said. Let us discuss Prince Charles Wife and family.

Prince Charles’ Family

Prince Charles married Lady Diana in 1981. No one marriage has been considered as important as the marriage of Charles and Lady Diana. It was considered the most celebrated wedding in the century. But happiness does not last longer in both of their lives. In 1996, they parted ways.

Again Prince Charles married Camilla after a long courtship in 2005. Prince Charles has two children from his first marriage with Diana, Prince William and Prince Harry. Prince Charles is the son of Queen Elizabeth II and Prince Philip.

Prince Charles Children

Prince Charles has two children of his own from his first wife, as discussed in the earlier paragraph. Prince William is the Duke Of Cornwall and Cambridge. He is married to Catherine Middleton. Prince Harry is the Duke of Sussex and is married to Meghan Markle.

Apart from two of their children, Prince Charles has two stepchildren whom he got from the first marriage of his second wife, Camilla. These two are Tom Parker Bowles and Laura Lopes. So this is the brief details of the family of Prince Charles.

Why Prince Charles and Camilla Are Trending

Queen Elizabeth II, the mother of Prince Charles, died on 8th September 2022 at 96. After the queen’s death, Prince Charles attained the throne as the King. So, he got the top position after the death of his mother. This is the reason the news associated with Prince Charles started trending in the news.


From the above discussion, we know that Prince Charles is now at the helm of the entire affairs after his mother, Elizabeth II, died. We have learned about Prince Charles Car Accident and the family details of Prince Charles in this article.

Have you gotten your required knowledge through this article? Do you want any queries about the royal family in Britain? Please comment below.

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