8 Ways To Protect Your Business From Scams

In this digital era and the world we live in today, scammers are very common and have become part of us, especially in the online space. If you are looking forward to starting a business, you should put down correct security measures to ensure they don’t snare and take advantage of you. Scammers can invade your privacy on the internet and can access crucial information confidential to your business.  Therefore, you should remain careful and secure your online data. 

Cyber thieves can do identity theft, where they take control of all your passwords and accounts. When this is done, they can use that information to carry out various tasks on the internet using your identity. They can even go to an extent of using your credit card and ordering things pretending they are you. The article below will show how you can protect your business from phishing schemes when they obtain all your data by baiting you online.

Use iCall.

What is iCall? It is a call recording application that comes in very handy when recording calls; this ensures you can refer back to the call later and use it as potential evidence in case you are scammed. Most of these call recorder applications can be located online easily. Suppose you are an iOS user and are wondering what the best call recorder for IOS is, iCall is the best app for you. But then, you are lucky because there are other numerous online call recorder applications for ios available. Some of the applications come with monthly premium payments for additional perks. Still, some applications have a free trial phase that lets you have a taste on how the application generally operates before you decide to pay for the premiums. What are the four ways to avoid phishing? If you have been asking yourself such a question, then we have listed down a number of them below.

Protect Your Bank Accounts And Credit Cards.

How do businesses avoid scams? The main target for scammers is your finances, so you should protect your accounts and credit cards. On the other hand, you should separate your accounts in business and personal finances. Thirdly, you should also ensure you only use your card when necessary and avoid using it on strange sites while online. Doing this ensures your money is safe.

Secure Your IT Infrastructure.

Your IT infrastructure is the first place they will most likely search for weak links. Invest in antivirus, firewall, spy and malware detection software to ensure you are safe. You should also back up all your info for emergency purposes in case they are compromised. Doing this will make it easier to continue in case of a cyberattack.

Use A Dedicated Computer For Banking.

Use a single computer for all your banking and online financial transactions. Please refrain from using the same computer for other purposes. Doing this ensures the device is not exposed to cyber security issues. It would help if you didn’t even use that computer for social media activities. You should also ensure you avoid using mobile banking at all costs.

Have A Password Policy.

A password policy is a system to ensure you are properly managing passwords; this includes ensuring every 60 – 90 days, every employee changes all their passwords. You can also use different passwords for every online system and account.

Educate Your Staff.

How do you protect yourself from scams? The answer is quite simple. Staff awareness is the number one tool you can use. Your employees are your biggest weakness regarding the risk of being scammed. So if you ensure that  they are properly educated on how to avoid scams, your business will remain secured. They should be conversant in handling various situations and how to deal with scammers.

Conduct Employee Background Checks.

Ensuring you hire the right person will go a long way in ensuring your business is safe. Fraudulent employees may put the business at risk for their benefit. You should ensure you do thorough background checks on employees for the safety of your enterprise. Doing this will ensure you get the best employees, especially those that are going to be handling vital financial information concerning your business or enterprise.

Insure Your Business.

Cybercrime and fraud have become a common occurrence in the business world today; therefore ensure your business is protected to help you avoid incurring big losses. You should find a suitable insurance scheme that best covers you and know what steps your bank is willing to take on your behalf in case your accounts get hacked.

We hope the above article has proven to be helpful and will aid you in keeping your business safe. A key thing to remember is always to use icall to record all your calls. If you fall prey to hacking, you can use the recordings you got to identify the scammer.

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