Recall Uppababy Stroller {Sep} Find The Reason, Action!

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Do you use a Stroller? Doesn’t everyone use a baby stroller as it is super comfortable? This helps a child to carry places. When it comes to babies, we are extra conscious of the products we use for babies. Be it soap or any toy; we ensure that it causes no slight harm to them. In countries such as the United States, Canada, etc., there is a company called Uppababy. 

There is recent news about Recall Uppababy Stroller, and many people are looking for it on the Internet. Let us get to know more about this in the following article. 

What is the issue with the Strollers

Recently, around 14,400 strollers were recalled as unsafe for children. The model has raised fingers because of the risk of amputating children’s fingers. Hence, Consumer Product Safety Commission stated that the design of this Stroller malfunctioned and has several defects, which can result in amputation or laceration if a non-occupant child’s fingertip gets caught in the openings. This is a serious issue; hence, the strollers are recalled irrespective of the company’s disapproval. Uppababy Ridge Stroller is trending because of the similar reason. 

About Uppababy

UPPAbaby is a famous brand with top-quality Strollers and Car seats for babies. The strollers are designed beautifully with the utmost sense of style. This company is based in the United States and mainly focuses on baby products that provide ease to young parents. To start your new journey as a parent, you must need UPPAbaby. 

Recently, they made a sale of 600USD for Strollers. They are focused on Strollers and their sleek designs, which would be comfortable for parents and children. Let us get to understand it in depth. 

Did the company Recall Uppababy Stroller

As said by the UPPAbaby company, they have sold strollers worth 600 US dollars to date. They also complained about a non-occupant child getting their fingertip amputated. And UPPAbaby recalled their ridge jogging stroller on 2nd September due to the risk as the rear brake discs were opened, causing risks to toddlers. The company stated that children’s safety is their top priority, and they are ready to recall all their strollers. There was just a single complaint, and because of that, they recalled almost 14400 strollers. 

Which model is recalled? 

As Recall Uppababy Stroller is trending because of the issue stated by the US consumer product safety about the malfunctioning of the design. Their All-Terrain RIDGE jogging stroller, which has a code of 1401RDGUS, is recalled because of the uncertainties. They have recalled 14400 pieces of the same model to check into the issue. 


We have reached the end of this article, and we can see the step taken by the UPPAbaby. They just received one complaint about their model: it has an opening near the rear brake that can harm the children. Similarly, they have taken action after receiving a report from the US Consumer safety. 

Recall Uppababy Stroller is trending, and you can visit the link next to gather more information about the same in detail. 

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