Royal Mail Postal Strike Dates {Aug 2022} Starting Date!

The article describes the fundamental reasons for the strike in Royal Mail and focuses on Royal Mail Postal Strike Dates.

Do you have any knowledge about the Royal Mail Postal Strike? The news has sparked among the many users of the Royal Mail. As per the recent news, the workers of the Royal Mail will strike from 26 August 2022 (Friday). After this news emerged, many people in the United Kingdom checked the information seriously. 

Especially when the strike date is nearly coming. As per the expert’s view, if the strike takes place, it will hamper the whole postal service. For this reason, many are checking the Royal Mail Postal Strike Dates

What Do You Know About Strike Date? 

The situation worsened when the Royal Postal Department workers demanded a high salary and wages. The workers have already submitted their demands to the management of the postal department. 

The members of the postal department, the “Communication Workers Union” or “CWU”, recently implemented a voting system. As per the result of the vote, they decided if the authority didn’t listen to their demand, they would go on strike on a specific date. Maximum workers have given up in favor of the strike if management does not agree with their needs. 

Royal Mail Postal Strike Dates– The Starting Date

As per the update news, the workers have given a few days to the management. The worker’s ultimatum will end on 25 August 2022. The workers have decided that if the administration is not listening to them, they will start the strike on 26 August 2022. It will be the first day of the strike. 

Again the workers stopped work on 31 August 2022 (Wednesday) and 8 and 9 September 2022. All total, it is a four days strike. But there is a chance that workers can extend their strike days. But the dates are not yet confirmed. 

Royal Mail Postal Strike Dates– Other Information

Many people want to know the real reasons behind this strike. The workers disagreed with the current fees and payment structure with the management. Recently, the authority decided to give a 5.5 per cent pay increase. But the workers demanded more than this. The CWU has already rejected the 5.5 per cent payment structure. 

The worker’s demand is due to the price hike and inflation. They are facing economic problems. For this reason, they want more payment hikes from the authority. The CWU has already submitted their demand draft to the management and confirmed the Royal Mail Postal Strike Dates

What will be the circumstances? 

The strike dates are trending over social media. Also, many reputed media houses published the news on the Royal Mail strike dates. The experts say the strike will hamper the whole postal system of the country. The letters will be undelivered, and the customers will face many other problems for the strikes.


The authorities are already taking the matter seriously. As per the authority, it is the highest pay rise in the history of the Royal Mail. But the CWU is not satisfied with the payment increase rate. The workers demanded more payment increases from the authority and announced the Royal Mail Postal Strike Dates. 

We have taken all the data from various trusted news sources. You can also check the matter by clicking the link. What is your opinion of the strike dates? Please comment.  

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