Santaquin Police Officer Killed: Check The News Alert May 2024!

Let us analyze the details through this Santaquin Police Officer Killed post and understand how the semi-truck on Interstate 15 kills a Santaquin cop.

Here are the facts associated with an officer of the Utah police department who is presumed dead when a truck driver collided with him and Santaquin Police Officer Killed.


  • A truck hit and killed a police officer on May 5, 2024 morning.
  • The motions of people from the United States were highly high after they learned about the officer’s death.
  • It happened on I-15 in the vicinity of milepost 244 in Santaquin, just around eight on Sunday morning.
  • The deceased officer’s identity has not been made public by law enforcement officials, while the officials identified the driver.

Santaquin Police Officer Killed:

A semi-truck had recently hit the law enforcement officer from Santaquin on Sunday, May 5, 2024, in the morning. Both lanes of the freeway would be shut for a while near the scene of the collision at 8:30 AM.

The driver of the semi-truck reportedly ran away after hitting the officer with his truck. Seen operating a white Ford F-150 truck with Utah license plate 2D7TR, the semi’s driver eventually came to be recognized as Michael Aaron Jayne. He is 42 years old.

About Santaquin Police Officer Killed

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Quick Wiki of Santaquin Police Officer Killed:

Name of the incident Santaquin Police Officer Killed
Reason for the accident The truck had stuck police officer
Location  Utah Highway
Date of the incident Sunday, May 5, 2024
Time 08:30 AM
Police officer’s identity Undisclosed
Truck driver Michael Aaron Jayne
Driver’s age 42 years
Truck details Ford F-150
Plate number 2D7TR

How was a Santaquin Police Officer Killed?

The Utah law enforcement department in said that a truck driver crashed into and killed an enforcement officer while conducting a traffic check.

After turning the semitrailer around and going in the incorrect direction on the interstate, the driver allegedly began to drive off during the traffic.

Facts of the shocking accident news:

  • Situated in Santaquin, a town of around 14,000 residents, the traffic halt happened on I-15 when the incident of Santaquin Police Officer Killed occurred.
  • Authorities recognized 41-year-old Michael Aaron Jayne as the truck driver. According to authorities, he hadn’t been arrested yet and didn’t have a lawyer on file to speak for him.
  • Police say that after a brief search in the Vernal region, the driver was taken into custody later on Sunday.
  • Research was still ongoing to determine who had been riding on the semitrailer’s back and the reason.

Santaquin Police Department:

Santaquin Police Department

After authorities warned the general public and stated they thought Michael might be dangerous and armed, a search that continued for many hours began. 

In response to the circumstances, Governor Spencer Cox made a public statement stating that they prayed for the officer’s family members and loved ones and all those impacted by this catastrophe.

Lieutenant Cory Slaymaker from Spanish Fork police mentioned that the incident is hurting the entire police department and the family of the deceased officer.


A hit-and-run incident recently occurred on May 5, 2024 morning. It resulted in the death of a Utah police officer. Although the semi-truck’s driver ran away after hitting the police official, the police later arrested him after a short search.

The officer’s identity is not revealed, and only the news of the Santaquin Police Officer Killed has been announced. Stay tuned as we will disclose more details on the Utah Highway accident.


Q1. What happened at Utah Highway?

A semi-truck had hit a police official on Utah Highway.

Q2. When did the Utah Highway accident occur?

The Utah Highway accident occurred on Sunday, May 5, 2024 morning.

Q3. Who was the driver of the semi-truck that killed the Santaquin Police Officer?

The driver of the semi-truck that killed Santaquin police official is identified as Michael Aaron Jayne.

Q4. Which Santaquin Police Officer Killed?

The identity of the Santaquin Police Officer is undisclosed.

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