Santorini Travel Facebook Scam {April} Reality Is Here!

Read exclusive facts unavailable elsewhere about Santorini Travel Facebook Scam targeting ignorant customers with social and friendship networking.

Are you from the United States, Canada, Australia, or the United Kingdom looking for cheap deals, offers, discounted travel packages and giveaways on vacation to Greece? Did you know that Santorini is a famous destination island with a unique natural Caldera formation due to a volcanic eruption? 

Do you want to get mesmerized by spending your summer vacation in Santorini? Then, read about an alert about Santorini Travel Facebook Scam.


Santorini Travel Racket featured on Facebook by taking advantage of GENUINE travel agencies promoting vacations to Santorini island and two other famous destinations near Greece. The Facebook promotional post was AUTHENTIC, and at least two travel agencies were promoting such holidays.

Two other Facebook accounts came up to take advantage of such promotions. These two Facebook pages promoted vacation offers to Santorini. These pages were CREATED by scammers TARGETING customers looking for cheaper packages, free offers, and giveaways. To claim the offer, users had to register their details on a link provided in Facebook posts.

About Santorini Travel Scam:

One of the scamming posts appeared on 10th august 2021, where the scammer offered a seven-night stay at Santorini, including all basic facilities, flight, and local travel on a suitable date selected by the customers. The owner of the Facebook post informed that they have SELECTED LUCKY people and sent them a FRIENDSHIP request. Such people have a chance to win great giveaways.

The Facebook post REQUESTED such people to LIKE the Facebook post, TAG a friend, and get a friend REGISTERED to qualify for the giveaway. The Facebook post also requested people who received the Santorini Travel Facebook Scam friendship request registration on a link, take a screenshot of the registration, and send a message to qualify for the giveaway.

The second Facebook account features cheap deals on Santorini holidays between 2018 and 2019, JUST for a deposit of £60, and includes two links for registration. It was noticed that the links were SHORTENED/ENCRYPTED by using bitly. The links redirected users to registration on IRRELEVANT third-party websites featuring online films, etc.

On another Facebook post from 9th April 2021, a similar offer of a 7-night free stay at a 5-star, 2 bedroom hotel for four people was circulated. The Santorini Travel Facebook Scam post informed about a giveaway offer celebrating the grand opening of a travel agency. However, such post in circulation was edited, and the Facebook pages with this specific post were not found (or) the post may have been deleted.


Scammers understood the behavior of Santorini travel lovers. Hence, they have plotted GIVEAWAY OFFERS to attract customers preferring cheaper packages and free stays. However, you risk personal and payment information by registering your details on third-party links of SEVERAL travel agencies who are UNKNOWN! We recommend not to provide information on third-party links and to take the services of legitimate and reputed travel agencies.

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