Scientist Arrested NASA {August 2022} What Did They Do?

This post on Scientist Arrested NASA will provide complete information about the Climate change Activist and Scientist Peter Kalmus.

Who is Peter Kalmus? Why was he arrested? Peter Kalmus is a NASA Scientist and Climate change Activist. He was arrested on 6 April 2022 to protest against Climate change in the United States. But is he arrested again? The answer to this question is “NO.” The rumors of Peter Kalmus being arrested again were circulated on social media. Read this post on Scientist Arrested NASA to know further details.

NASA Scientist Was Arrested In April 

Yes, Peter Kalmus was indeed arrested in April for protesting against Climate change. However, he was not charged alone. But with him, his Supporters, Associates and many other Scientists were also taken into detention by the Police Officers and released after some time.

Peter Kalmus protested against the inefficient steps taken by Government officials to fight Climate change issues. 

A group of almost 1200 worried Scientists from 26 Countries has led the Global Campaign, and they named it the “Scientist Rebellion.” They had the support of Climate Organizations working in this field.

 NASA Scientist Arrested Chase Bank

Peter Kalmus believes that fossil fuel is a substantial factor affecting Climate change as it increases the amount of Carbon in the Atmosphere.

Peter Kalmus with his group gathered around the Chase Bank building in Los Angeles to protest against the Bank because Chase Bank finances more money in fossil fuels than any other Bank.

Peter Kalmus was arrested 3 months ago, but this news of his arrest aired again on the internet.

Peter Kalmus was not afraid even after the arrest, he is still a very active Climate change Activist, and his tweets on Climate change drown his Twitter account.

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Who Is Peter Kalmus?

Peter Kalmus works as a NASA data Scientist, especially in the Jet Propulsion Laboratory. He also works as a Project Scientist at UCLA.

Peter has recently initiated working on the emerging issue of Ecological Forecasting. He is Working as a leading Scientist at a NASA grant and performing in-depth Research and Analysis on the Coral reef and its projected future.

More precisely, he works in Climate Science, Ecological Forecasting and Science Communication and is also a very active Climate change Activist.

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In the video, Peter Kalmus says that he and the whole group have warned the General Public about Climate change for many decades. He was very emotional and worried about the Environment, Earth and Climate change.


Summing up this post, we have informed our readers about the rumors of Peter Kalmus being arrested, but the truth is, he was arrested in April and not now. To know more about Peter Kalmus, check this link for more detail.

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