Shintowin Com AU {Sep 2022} Learn All The Details Here!

This article provides information about the Shintowin Com AU website and tells the readers about the competition on the website, along with some other facts.

Are you looking for the details regarding the competition on the Shintowin website? The Shin to Win competition is perfect for showing your spice level if you are a spicy lover. The users in Australia and other countries seek information about the competition.

Your search is over because you have come to the right article. Here, we will discuss everything about Shintowin Com AU and its competition. So, let’s get started. 

About the website is a competition-based website in Australia which is made especially for users who like to eat spicy noodles from Shin company. The product includes Shin Ramyun, Shin Stir Fry, Shin Kimchi, Bulgogi and Shin Black and many more. 

You can participate in the competition by buying any of these products and get a chance to win exciting prizes that we will disclose later in the article. So, keep reading till the end to get exciting news about the competition and its participation method.

Shintowin Com AU– Steps to enter the competition.

If you are a spicy lover and want to win exciting prizes, then you can enter the competition of Shin To Win in a few easy steps:

  • You need to buy a product of Shin Company like Ramen, Kimchi, and others available in the market. 
  • When you open the packet, you will see a card inside them.
  • Please take out the card and scratch it carefully so that you don’t damage the number or alphabet present in them. 
  • Note down the number carefully. 
  • Afterwards, go to the official website, i.e., Shintowin Com AU and click on the ‘Enter Competition’ option.
  • Enter the number that you noted down and wait for the results.

What are the prizes that the customer can get from the competition?

If you are lucky enough and your scratch code got any place in the competition, then here are prizes that you can get from the website:

  • $5000 cash- 3 winners 
  • iPhone 13 Pro Max- 5 Winners 
  • $100 e-gift- 50 winners 
  • Goodie Bag- 100 winners 

However, if you want some recipes related to the Shin Noodles and other products of Shin company, then you can look at the Shintowin Com AU website, where you can get different recipes from the customers. 

Are there any rules related to the ShinToWin competition?

There aren’t any rules related to the competition on the website. It is mentioned that Nongshim organizes the competition, and if you want a clear picture and clear your doubts, you can look at the official website. 

Although, we will update the article once we get any information. 

Final Words

Ultimately, the ShinToWin challenge is exciting and specially made for the spicy lover. Therefore, grab your product and enter the code on the Shintowin Com AU website to get exciting prizes up to $32000. 

If you don’t like spicy food or can’t handle spice, then this competition is not for you. 

What’s your favourite Shin product? Tell us in the comment section.

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