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To all those looking to justify the facts for Leviev criminal documentary, read this article for Simon Leviev Business Consulting Website.

Are you a Netflix lover? Do you stream new launches regularly? Have you recently completed any crime series on these OTT platforms?

In the blog today, we will be exploring the details of a two-hour-long documentary that has been connected to real crime scenes. This is gaining the attention of users worldwide. This is about Simon Leviev, famous for deceiving millions of dollars from women through dating apps.

Please read this article based on the internet’s research until the end about Simon Leviev Business Consulting Websiterevealing how he conducted these scams.

 Details about Simon Leviev:

Starting with his real name, he is Shimon Hayut. He was a common man and had no links with OTT platforms, acting, or other related series. But recently, the man has been accused of deceiving women through an online dating app, possible through online romance scams.

On this online dating app, he used to meet women. As we can fetch from the documentary, he manipulated them for good, making them believe that he has an extravagant lifestyle and is more than just ordinary.

Simon Leviev Business Consulting Website: 

To all those wondering how the online dating app scams are related to his website, we have a clarification for you all. 

To begin with, he used to manipulate women through tinder and other related apps. For now, all her dating media profiles have been banned, and he is sent for five months of imprisonment.

Also, it is found out that the victims of his online fraud are still paying their due prices and debts, as we have revealed from the documentary. 

Adding to it, it was also found that he had no connections from the Leviev Family.

Working of the Website:

As far as we are concerned about Simon Leviev Business Consulting Websiteapart from his online dating profiles, the man is also known for operating his consultation website.

He used to provide the consultation services, charging a price against the same. Then, soon after the documentary and other revelations, the website is no longer working, relating the same to a scam.

Facts About Leviev:

  • As we have already mentioned, he used to show off his fake extravagant lifestyle. He used to present himself as Leviev’s son, a CEO for the famous LL Diamonds. But it has been revealed that his real name is Shimon Hayut.
  • Apart from his earnings from Simon Leviev Business Consulting Websitehe has also whooped around $10 million from his other dating apps.
  • It has also been found that his girlfriend used to sell his branded clothes and some money-related topics.
  • Leviev’s online dating profiles have also been banned after the fraud.

Final Verdict:

Now that we have all the essential facts and details for fake Simon Leviev, he has trapped multiple women in his consultation fraud, known for the scam of around $10 million.

Check the details forRomance Scam to know all are the probabilities for trapping you.

Are you also looking for the details of the Simon Leviev Business Consulting WebsiteIf yes, please share your views in the comments below.

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