Situation Scary: Says Indian Chess Player Stuck In Ukraine

The guide shares details of Russia’s Invasion of Ukraine and what Indian Chess Player Stuck in Ukraine said.

Amid the Ukraine emergency after Russia’s invasion, Anwesh Upadhyaya, the former Indian chess player, says the situation is scary. He shared the distressing ground reality in the media channels. 

He has been residing in Ukraine since 2012 because he is doing an apprenticeship at Kyiv Hospital in the gastroenterology department. Now he has stuck lone in his building or apartment and feeling frightened.

Anwesh is among several compatriots, who are stuck in Ukraine after Russia’s invasion. All are hoping to get evacuated from Ukraine before the situation worsens. Let us know the ground reality shared by Indian Chess Player Stuck in Ukraine.

Who is the Indian Chess Player?

The Indian chess player who shared the ground reality of the war-like condition in Ukraine is Anwesh Upadhyaya. He shared the scary ground reality on the media platforms. Anwesh who is a 30-year-old former Indian chess player has been living in Ukraine since 2012. 

He is pursuing an apprenticeship at the Kyiv Hospital in the gastroenterology department. He had a plan to return, in March, to India. But suddenly Russian government started military operations on 24th Feb, Thursday. Because of this, the flights and airspaces were suspended, and hence he is uncertain and getting insecure.

What Did Indian Foreign Secretary Said?

After the news got viral, all media channels and platforms started highlighting the news, and it easily got media attention. It even grabbed the attention of the Indian foreign secretary. 

On Thursday, Harsh Vardhan Shringla, the Indian Foreign Sectary, said that the Indian government is working and assuring the safety and security of all the citizens of India stuck in Ukraine. He assured the safety of all citizens in the media briefing on Thursday. 

He added the government is working on the matter, and all necessary steps are taken to bring back the Indian nationals stuck amid a war-like situation in Ukraine. As per sources, over 20K Indians residing in Ukraine and over 4K nationals were bought back to India in the past couple of days. 

What Did Anwesh Upadhyaya Said?

The 30-year old former chess champion, Anwesh, said he never has tough of such intensification. The country is undergoing severe turmoil with full-scale military invasion, which he never imagined.

He is stuck in his apartment and getting scared of the situation. He also added that his family, based in Bhubaneswar, is also worrying a lot, and hence he planned to return home by March’s first week.       

He further added he had been stuck lone in his building or apartment and didn’t know what is there in the store for the Indians as the invasion was called suddenly, and he couldn’t do anything. He finally said he has been waiting for the Indian Embassy instructions, based in Ukraine.    


Ukraine is in a war-like situation with full-scale military operations and invasion. In the middle of the chaos, many Indian citizens were stuck, and they were now waiting for the safe evacuation by the Indian government. 

As per Indian Chess Player Stuck in Ukraine, Anwesh, many Indians are scared, and they are looking for further instructions from Indian Embassy for their safe evacuation.

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