Skite Wordle {June} Discover Correct Answer With Hints!

This article on Skite Wordle was written to give you the latest information on #370 Wordle. Read below to get full details.

What does Skite mean? Is It an answer or hint to the puzzle game? Are you desperate to know what Skite means? All your questions are answered in this article.

People from – New Zealand, Australia, the United Kingdom, and India are eager to know about Skite Wordle. To know more about Skite, read the entire article without any distractions. 

What is Skite? 

Skite is a hint of the wordle #370. This letter has been mentioned to confuse the players to guess the correct word. Various other words begin with s and end with e, such as slave, sauce, saute, scale, scene, scope, scone, scare etc. Such words have confused the players, the players are trying to guess the word through the hints whereas the right word will be mentioned below hence Skite means to move quickly and forcefully this is the Skite Definition

What is Wordle? 

This is an online game which was created by Josh Wardle. He created this puzzle for his personal use and later thought of gifting it to his partner. And after that this game became famous. Later New York Times insisted on buying this game. Then Wordle was available to everyone and this game gained a lot of fame on social media. People from all age groups love to play this game, it is very easy and fun to play. It has become a daily routine of various people.

About Skite Game 

As we have read Skite is a hint of the Wordle #370. Skite means a sudden glancing bowl or impact. Various other words are given as hints which are scope, score, scare, scene etc. These words confused the players to guess the correct answer, Wordle is a pretty easy game to play but sometimes it might get a bit complicated. Therefore, the right answer to Wordle #370 is Strike. Strike and skite did sound a lot similar hence the hint given were very easy, anybody could guess the word. Did you guess the word right?

How to play Wordle? 

As we have read about the Skite Wordle where we read about the hints that were given for today’s wordle. #370 Wordle’s answer was strike. It was pretty easy to guess. Wordle has become very distinguished and is easy to play. If you place the right word it turns green, if you place the right word at the wrong place it turns yellow and when the wrong word is placed it will turn grey. Wordle is easy and fun as per research it is a part of various people’s daily routines. Wordle has also become very notable on social media. 


Wordle has become very famous on social media and amongst the people. Whereas Skite Wordle got all the players confused in guessing the right answer. Wordle is available in different languages such as Greek, Spanish, Italian etc so people from all over the world can play it. To know more details, click on the link given below. 

Do you want to play Wordle as well? Please share your thoughts below 

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