Why Is Social Media Marketing Important?

Social media has become very popular in recent years, and about 4.74 billion people use social media around the world. These numbers are expected to increase by 6 billion in the coming years.

Due to such a large audience, social media marketing has become important for businesses and marketers to grow their brands.

Unlike traditional marketing, which is limited to a specific area, social media marketing is an effective way to build your brand across different countries.

Social Media Marketing is important because of the following:

  • Build Brand Awareness
  • Build Relationship With Customers
  • Attract New Customers
  • Drive Traffic To Your Website
  • Helps Understand Target Customers’ Interests
  • Keep You Up-To-Date With Industry Trends

In this article, we will explain why social media marketing is important and the 5 core pillars of a successful strategy.

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Reasons Why Social Media Marketing Is Important:

The following are the reason for the importance of social media marketing. We have explained them to you so that you can better understand them before making your marketing strategy.

Build Brand Awareness:

Social media is a goldmine for marketers to build their brand awareness since it has a huge audience from all over the world.

For brand awareness, on whatever platform you’re promoting your business, you must optimize your profile, write an interesting bio and choose an attractive profile photo such as your brand logo. It will help people to remember your brand.

You can build your brand awareness on social media by posting quality content and educating people about your brand’s products and services.

You will reach more people by engaging with the audience and increasing brand awareness.

Build Relationship With Customers:

Through engagement on social media, brands can build a strong relationships with their audience.

People are likely to buy products from the brands they have a positive experience with on social media.

By sharing valuable content and asking questions, brands can engage with their audience.

By answering their questions and responding to their comments, brands can build loyal followers  that are more likely to become potential customers.

Attract New Customers:

Since social media consist of a huge audience, and this audience is increasing daily, brands can attract the audience by posting quality content and engaging with the audience.

Quality content, especially educational content, has more chances of being shared and reaching more people.

Also, using high-quality product images and attractive offers will attract more audiences.Running contests and giving away are also  great ways to attract more audiences.

Drive Traffic To Your Website:

Having Official website is crucial for brands and businesse as they are sign of the brand’s social presence.

Once you have build a community on social media .you can attract the audience to your webiste.The increased traffic will ultimatly increase yor brand’s products and services sale.

You can attract potential customers by giving a teaser about your latest product or service on your social accounts and ask them to visit the page which wil inreturn drive more traffic to the website.

Helps Understand Target Customers’ Interests:

By ananlyzing your posts, brands can get idea about what their audience likes and about their problems.By using this data,brands can see which  posts get more engagement.

Moreover, your audience’s replies and questions also give a deep insight into their problems.

By carefully analyzing their questions, brands can take their next step by solving the problem and recommending products that will solve their problem.This will build brand credibility and result in more loyal customers.

Keep You Up-To-Date With Industry Trends:

Keeping your brand up-to-date with the latest industry trends is very important as people quickly adopt new trends. Having your brand products customized with the new trends will increase your sales.

Therefore, it is important for brands to be aware of the latest trends in the industry. This can be achieved through social media marketing.

Every latest trend is discussed on social media, and if you use social media marketing for brand promotion with the latest trend, there is a high chance that your product or service will reach more audience and boost sales.

Five Core Pillars Of Social Media Marketing:

After reading and understanding the reasons now, it’s time to know the basic pillars of social media marketing.

We have discussed all 5 core pillars of social media marketing for you to understand them before making your one.


The fire pillar of social media marketing is Strategy. This includes what are your marketing goals, who your targeted audience and what kind of content your going to publish.

This step is very important, and without deciding it, you cannot proceed further. First, Set your goals, whether you want to create brand awareness or want to generate sales, determine your targeted audience and design your post according to them.

Planning And Publishing:

The next step is planning and publishing the content. This includes planning your content and setting their publishing time.

Always post quality content.Create engaging, interesting content with high-quality graphics that educate and entertain people.

Every platform has a preferred time when the posts get more engagement. This time varies from one platform to another. Do the research and publish your posts at that time.

Once you have started posting content, you can also use the analytics tool built into the social media platforms to see when your audience is online. And publish content at that time.

Moreover, if you don’t have the time to publish at those times, you can simply schedule them, and they will be posted on time.

Listening And Engagement:

Once you have posted the content on the social accounts, now it’s time for engagement.

Initially, as a young brand, you will not get much engagement, but by posting quality content consistently, you will be able to attract their attention.

Always try to engage with your audience.Bby listening to their problems, answering to their questions and replying to their comments will encourage them and build  trust.

And they are more likely to contact your brand when they are looking for the product you are seeking.

Analytics And Reporting:

At this step, you have to analyze your marketing efforts and their results. Are you achieving the goals?

If not, then what would be the next steps? All these questions are discussed in this step.

Redesigning your strategy sometimes works best to achieve your goals, but it can also cause a downfall. Therefore, it is crucial to determine the problems carefully and take appropriate steps to solve them.


Advertising includes paid promotion of your brand to reach a higher audience.

You can run paid ads depending on multiple social media platforms.You can even narrow down the audience and select your targeted audience; it results in only your targeted audience will see the ads. 

Running paid ads will cost, but if they are designed professionally, they can boost your brand’s sales.


Social media marketing is very important for any growing brand because they help people to reach a wide range of audience more effectively.

It is important because it helps brands to build brand awareness, build a relationship with customers, attract new customers, drive traffic to the brand’s website, understand targeted customers’ interests and helps to keep the brand up-to-date about the latest industry trend.

We have also mentioned the 5 core pillars of any social media marketing strategy for you to start a social media marketing campaign for your band.

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