Soham Murders Review: Who Is Howard Gilbert Soham? Know Latest Details About Soham Village College, And Parents Of Soham Murders

Read key facts in this Soham Murders Review to know about the duel child murder case and school administration’s ignorance.

Did you know about the film ‘Soham Revisited: 15 Years On’ released in 2017? The film gained good reviews on IMDB. With increased trends of producing crime series on OTT platforms, Channel-5 is broadcasting ‘Maxine’, TV series related to the Soham murder case in the United Kingdom.

Would you like to know about key people and the Soham institution? This write-up is exclusively for you. Let’s check Soham Murders Review.


Soham murders case Review:

Soham Murders referrers to the murder of two girls, Holly Marie Wells (10 years old) and Jessica Aimee Chapman. Ian Kevin Huntley, a caretaker at Soham, lured both girls to his home on 4th-August-2002 and killed them. The inquiry about Ian Kevin Huntley was launched on 18th-December-2003. 

Ian initially tried to cover up. But, he was eventually linked to the murders. Michael Bichard, who headed the inquiry, laid clear guidelines for school administration and police to verify/investigate people interested in working with children in Bichard Report related to Soham Village College.

Information about Soham:

Henry Morris (Chief Education Officer for Cambridgeshire) is the founder of village colleges. Soham emerged as a modern co-educational in 1972, serving more than 1,400 pupils aged between 11 to 18 years.

Soham Free School, launched in 1686, became Soham Grammar School, reestablished in 1878, and later shifted to Beechurst House in 1925. Soham Village College was reestablished in 1958 with a secondary modern-style facility on eleven acres near the catchment area. In 1993, the college opted out of the control of the local government.

What happened to Howard Gilbert Soham?

Howard Gilbert was serving as the principal at Soham. The UK government has specific guidelines for interviewing, checking professional background for appointing people wishing to work with children.

However, Howard ignored the guidelines while appointing Ian as caretaker. Howard accepted his failure to verify Ian’s background during his discussion in the 2004 Soham inquiry. 


Ian was convicted on 17th-December-2003 and sent for two terms of life imprisonment. Police reported that Ian was involved in physical assault and burglary during the 1990s. Nicola and Kevin Wells; Sharon and Leslie Chapman were Holly and Jessica Soham Murders Parents. In 2013, Howard stepped down as a principal of Soham after his 8-years of service at the school and 20-years as head teacher.

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