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High sales are possible with a lot of effort and resources in promotion. There is no “magic button”: actions must be comprehensive and systematic. Let’s figure out what a marketing strategy is and how to build it correctly.

The procedure for developing a brand promotion strategy on the Internet

There is no single generally accepted branding algorithm. The choice of promotion tactics depends on the specifics of the business, the tasks set, the budget, and other factors. To market CBD stateofmindlabs.com online should be used professional approach.

The process of developing a marketing strategy includes the following successive stages:

  • market research, determining the current level of demand for a product or service, and consumer attitudes toward the brand;
  • assessment of competitors’ activities, analysis of their strengths and weaknesses, as well as the marketing tools used;
  • setting promotion goals and objectives – creating a positive image of the enterprise, increasing brand awareness and consumer loyalty, attracting new customers, etc.;
  • determination of the target audience, analysis of its needs, and interests, as well as demographic, geographical, and other indicators;
  • development of a promotion strategy – brand promotion is possible in 4 ways: by pulling, pushing, diversifying, and developing (the first two methods are considered the most effective);
  • creating a budget;
  • choice of communication tools (chatbots, online consultants, feedback forms, etc.).

The final stage is the selection of the most effective channels and methods of promotion.

Brand promotion is a long and complex process that requires certain knowledge and skills. It is quite difficult to cope with such a task on your own. It is best to use the services of advertising agencies.

7 Effective Marketing Strategies

When compiling a marketing plan, it is worth including proven strategies that work on almost all trading platforms. We present an overview of such solutions and methods for promotion.

Contextual advertising

Promotion starts with contextual ads. The reason is a quick result: you can attract the first buyers already in the first 5-7 days from the moment the campaign was launched. The effectiveness of the method depends on the niche, settings, ad quality, value of the offer, and the assigned price for each impression or transition. With all the advantages, this method is costly and requires constant analysis and adjustments. The action is limited in time: there are transitions as long as ads are shown.

SEO promotion

The online store receives the main traffic from search results. Therefore, the marketing strategy of the online store includes optimizing the site for Google and other search engines. The first transitions can be expected in about 6-12 months after the start of the promotion. SEO is:

  • technical optimization of the site;
  • filling pages with quality content;
  • link building.
  • It is long, difficult, and at first costly. But the result is longer than from contextual advertising.

Email Marketing

Email newsletters serve an important marketing mission: they work with leads. Leads are interested to store visitors who have not yet made an order (or have not decided to make a second order). The task of mailing is to convince them, to interest them, to return them, to bring them to purchase. How to implement it:

start collecting contact data from the first days of the site. Usually, this is a pop-up window with a suggestion to subscribe, a subscription form on a blog, on product pages;

organize regular (but not frequent) newsletters with offers, bonuses, news, and targeted information.

E-mail marketing for an online store will give noticeable results when the contact base exceeds more than 2-3 thousand addresses, 3-5 months after the start of mailings.


Promotion of an online store in social networks is conditionally divided into two areas: targeting advertising to enhance sales and maintaining official pages for branding, increasing awareness, communicating with the audience, and informing.


Unlike advertising, this approach does not give instant results. But in the future, the following advantages are possible:

  • growing awareness of the online store;
  • creation and growth of demand for niche products;
  • increase in natural traffic (this will affect the growth in search results);
  • quick collection of a subscriber base for mailing lists;
  • the formation of a positive image;
  • solving user problems and building loyalty to the site.

This works if the audience is chosen accurately (and its needs are analyzed), and the content itself is of high quality and value.

Content marketing

The process can be divided into two categories:

  • Work with influencers (famous bloggers, opinion leaders). Ordering thematic content from them with recommendations to make a transition or purchase in the promoted online store.
  • Creating high-quality content that responds to the problems and interests of the target audience. Publication of it in the media and on thematic sites (the store acts as an expert on them).

Upsell & cross sell

Raising the amount of the sale (Upsell) is a motivating factor for the buyer. He is offered to order a more expensive version of the product (compared to the one he needs), but with additional options and services.

Cross-selling (Cross-sell) is a similar motivator. But in this case, the customer spends more through the purchase of related products.

To sum up

Promoting a company or brand requires patience and careful planning. You will need to learn every vital detail for you to have an effective marketing strategy. You can also ask friends to promote your brand. You should also consider attending symposiums that talk about different types of marketing strategies.

Starting your own business can be difficult at first. You will need to know everything you need to know about business to become a successful entrepreneur. If you want to learn more about SEO and marketing strategies that can help your business, you should visit sites that offer this kind of service and ask them for advice and recommendations.

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