Strike Ups Teamsters Kick Off Contract – Is Theranos Founder Elizabeth Holmes CEO Guilty?

Strike Ups Teamsters post has details of two essential news events being searched by the netizens.

Will the country witness the biggest labor strike in the coming days? Does this strike have the potential to affect each household in the United States? The answer to the above question will be known in spring after the two-party parties sit for negotiations.

We are not talking about the recent labor strike at Amazon and Starbucks that got a lot of attention in the country. This impending strike is related to the US largest carrier, UPS, and chauffeur’s labor union, Teamsters. Strike Ups Teamsters have a recent update on this story; therefore, keep reading it till the end.

UPS vs. Teamsters Union:

United Parcel Services is one of the biggest courier carriers in the country, while Teamsters is the labor union active in America and Canada. The contract between the two entities will expire at the end of July 2023. 

The members of both entities are expected to meet in spring to discuss the modalities of a new contract. According to reports, a pay hike is on the minds of labor unions while UPS is trying to cut its cost. This difference in expectation may result in deadlock.

Theranos Founder Elizabeth Holmes:

Theranos is a technology company in the healthcare field started by disgraced entrepreneur Elizabeth Holmes. The 38-year-old business women are currently fighting a trial for fraud done by her company Theranos. The company claimed to create a blood testing device that uses less blood volume for testing and was touted as a major success in the healthcare industry.

It revolutionized blood testing, and blood from finger pricks was enough for various blood tests of patients. Many experts challenged the device’s success, but Holmes carried on with her claims that less blood was needed for testing. Theranos Founder Elizabeth Holmes was found guilty along with his working partner Ramesh Balwani.

Holmes has filed for a new trial in the case as she claims that the star witness in the blood testing device trial has apologized to her partner for false testimony. Holmes and Balwani were convicted in the case, and the court will deliver the final verdict in October 2022. 

Elizabeth Homes Acquittal:

In January 2022, Homes was convicted and found guilty in four cases of deceiving the investor. The district court denied the motion for her acquittal on Tuesday. The recent filing for acquittal can be an attempt by the accused to delay the court sentence in October.

Strike Ups Teamsters and Theranos Fraud:

The two stories are entirely different; the Teamsters strike is a looming eventuality in the future, while Theranos is a clear fraud case. Teamsters’ strikes may affect a lot of households in the country as UPS moves 21.5 million packages daily in the country. A strike by the union will affect all the deliveries scheduled to reach the customers.

Final verdict:

As the truck driver puts pressure on the company to get higher pay in addition to the $95000 they receive now. The citizens of America may face challenging times ahead due to delayed delivery resulting from Strike Ups Teamsters

Do you feel truckers should go on strike for a pay hike? Share your thoughts in the comment section.

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