Survivle Word Game (March) Get Ready For The Word Game!

The guide shares details about the new Survivle Word Game to help players know about it.

Who doesn’t love to play puzzles or word games? It helps people sharpen their brain and cognitive skills. Recently, a new spin-off word game has been launched to replicate the famous puzzle game Wordle. Survivle is the new word game launched as the clone to Wordle.

But, players will find a twist in the game as they need to avoid searching for the correct answer. The game is announced on Reddit Post by a creator, Lazyguy. It is already alluring gamers in the United States, Canada, and the United Kingdom.   

Continue reading to know more about Survivle Word Game.

What is Survivle?

Survivle is the newly announced word game or puzzle game by a game creator, Lazyguy. The game was announced on Reddit three days ago by the creator. According to claims, it is the new spin-off of the famous puzzle game, Wordle. But the gameplay has a twist where players have to avoid finding the correct answer. 

Survivle offers a unique twist to the gamer and allows playing it once in 24 hours, making it an excellent addition to the morning routine or a brain teaser during lunch break. Its goal is to prevent guessing the correct answers for as long as possible.    

How to Play Survivle Word Game Online?

Inspired by the famous puzzle game Wordle, Survivle is an exciting puzzle game with a twist. The goal is to lose, meaning players have to avoid finding the right answer as long as possible. 

  • The game starts as the original Wordle in hardcore mode. 
  • All details available must be used to find the wrong answer and avoid the right combinations.
  • The game will let you know what is wrong with your present guess. 
  • Players have to combine words to create wrong phrases, and as long as they avoid finding the correct answer, they win.   

Survivle Word Game has an official github page where players can enjoy playing the game online. The game is not available on app stores like other puzzle games. Players need to visit its official Github page to enjoy playing it without disturbance or interruption. 

How are People Reacting to the Game?

Since the game was announced on the Reddit forum three days ago, people started to comment on the new puzzle world game. The creator, Lazyguy, announced the game on Reddit and urged people to share their comments and check it on the official Github page to know How to Play Survivle Word Game Online

Soon after the announcement, many people took the discussion forum to share their experiences with the game. Many people said it is the ultimate brain teaser and thanking the developer for the PC hints it offers. In addition, people found the game enjoyable for its unique gameplay. 

Some players are seen inquiring about the gameplay and rounds. You may read the entire Thread online on Reddit.     


People who are bored playing the traditional puzzle game must try the new version of the famous puzzle game Wordle. The Survivle Word Game brings unique gameplay where players have t find the wrong combination of words to create phrases. They have to avoid searching for the correct answer as long as possible to win the rounds. 

Are you playing the puzzle game? Please share your experiences in the comment section. 

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