Tennessee Election Results by County 2022 {Aug} Check!

The below summary is a detailed and well-versed piece of information regarding Tennessee Election Results by County 2022.  

Do you want to get yourself updated regarding current affairs but can’t do so because of lack of time? If so, we are all set to give you the freshest updates about the United States specifically. If you’re from Tennessee, you must be restless about the election results. 

For your information, in 2020, the state was rated as the 5th hardest state for residents to vote in. But, the primary results were happening recently and almost everyone is curious to know the Tennessee Election Results by County 2022. Let’s see the details below-

Are The Results Out? 

Two major posts are trending now. One of them is governor elections and Supreme Court elections. Official results aren’t out as of now but on 4th August 2022, the unofficial sources indicated some factors. 

According to the unofficial statistics, the candidate for Governor from the Republican Primary is Bill Lee leading. And, the candidate for Governor from the Democratic Primary is Jason Martin who’s leading. Moreover, Jeffrey S. Bivins is the leading candidate for Supreme Court elections. 

All About Robby Starbuck Tennessee

Robby Starbuck is from the Republican Party who operated for election to the United States House to depict Tennessee’s 5th Congressional district. But this is so disheartening that he was debarred as a putdown from the Republican primary planned on August 4, 2022.

He was expelled from the 2022 preliminary voting in April. In June, he successfully petitioned the judgment in court about the Republican Party’s irrelevant personal conferences. But, he lost the case and couldn’t appear on the Republican immediate ballot. Recently, Heidi Campbell has been in the lead for the same position. 

Why is Tennessee Election Results by County 2022 Trending? 

As we know elections are the backbone of democracies. The population formally uses their decision-making skills to choose the people who can hold public offices. So, elections are always controversial for the people about what would be the results of their efforts. 

Secondly, Robby Starbuck is trending because of the mishap that happened to him. He was a nice candidate but destiny had some other plans for him. That’s why he’s also trending nowadays. 

Other Detailing-

We have already told you about the governor and the US House 5th District results. You’re somehow notified about Robby Starbuck Tennessee too. Now, let us acquaint you with further information like the 7th District Republican preliminary and Democratic initial outcomes. 

Mark Green is running unopposed for the Republican choice in the recently attracted 7th District. And, Odessa Kelly is the Democratic nominee in the ethnicity, running with the backing of the Justice Democrats. Hope you’re updated and clear regarding everything right now. 


As a concluding thought, we understand the importance of elections and their results too. We also understand your concern about not being updated about the Tennessee Election Results by County 2022 due to busyness. 

We have gathered all the information from trusted Internet sources. Kindly click here to visit the official website. Who’s the most deserving winner according to you? Please comment.  

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