Time to Stop Living American Scam {July 2022} Read Here!

This post on Time To Stop Living American Scam will guide you through the caricature representing the crippling economy of America. 

Are you aware of Kreitner’s caricature of the United States’ falling economy? The caricature talks about the inflationary economy, which is causing havoc. It talks about etc. dystopian future in which America’s economy is collapsing. It was reported in the Times. 

This post on Time To Stop Living American Scam will inform the readers about the depth of the caricature and how it represents the crippling economy of America, and how it will unfold in the future. 

What is the caricature about? 

A caricature by Tim Kreider in the New York Times caused a surge in the audience about America’s economy. The parody talks about how the US economy has taken an ugly turn. The economy has seen disturbances like the pandemic, the deliberations in  supply chain, and the government support given to the poor strata of the country so that the economy does not dip. This has created a situation of strict mandates required to keep the economy afloat. 

Its Time To Stop Living the American Scam has presented the issue of people needing better employment and standard of living opportunities. The people have seen and felt over the years that there is a need for moderation in the policies introduced into the economy till now. Capitalism as a functioning economic system has failed the American system as the disparity between the rich and the poor has increased by the day. America now has become inescapable of the scams, and the morality of hard work is nowhere to be found. 

What is the reaction of people to Time To Stop Living American Scam

The citizens are suspicious about the future leaders who are being shaped today. The people are talking about American conservatism, which has been embedded in their minds and has created a loop which has made it difficult for people to break from. The oligarchs must realise that there is a need to work harder and work towards every penny people earn. The employees should have a work-life balance and not become parasites to the government. Following the country’s directives, the people want their rights and responsibilities to be mentioned.  Its Time To Stop Living the American Scam is an epitome of how the American culture is being framed and articulated. 


In summation of the essay, the American dream has changed over the years. It is essential to realise that the economy’s inflation is the outcome of the country’s leaders’ inexperience and lack of hard work and the citizen’s responsibilities towards their country and work life as a whole. Capitalism increasing the creation of wealth simultaneously decreasing has led to a further disparity between rich and poor.

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