Tom Cruise With Kids {June} Who Are Those Children?

The relationship of Tom Cruise with Kids is normal with the exception of Sui Cruise who seems to be estranged with her father.

Do you know Tom Cruise? The name of Tom Cruise is no alien to anyone globally. There have been certain things that people always want to know about celebrities and one of the most prominent thing is about their children. 

This is certainly an issue which has been much touched in the past many years in regards to Tom Cruise. The actor who is regarded as one of the fines in Hollywood has been called into question for Tom Cruise with Kids by his fans in the United States, Canada, and the United Kingdom. 

Who are the Kids of Tom Cruise?

Tom Cruise is famous for living extremely private life and is not much open about his family affairs. This thing is quite interesting, given the fact that Cruise is one of the most famous film stars of the US. The actor has three children- one son and two daughters. There have been speculations that Tom does not see his children much. 

But that may not be entirely true. There are certain claims that Tom Cruise Children enjoy a healthy relationship with their father and have been sighted with him on multiple occasions. Cruise met his second wife- Nicole Kidman- in 1990. The couple adopted two children, Isabella Jane and Connor Antony.  Isabella was born in 1992 and Connor was born in 1995. The other daughter- Sui Cruise- is born out of the relationship of Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes. There have been certain claims that Sui is estranged from her father Tom over certain issues after the divorce of her mom and dad. 

The Estranged or Interesting Relationship of Tom Cruise with Kids

Although Tom Cruise has secured ten days a month visiting rights to meet his daughter, the actor was last seen with her daughter in December 2012. It is widely believed that Sui Cruise is estranged from Tom Cruise. Tom Cruise revealed in a lawsuit that one of the reasons that Holmes divorced Cruise was because she wanted to protect Sui from the religion of Tom i.e. Scientology. 

Connor Cruise works nowadays as a DJ and is based in Florida. He tries to pursue acting just like his father. Connor appeared in films like Seven Pounds and Red Dawn. Connor is seemed to have been close with his father. The third of Tom Cruise with Kids, Isabella Cruise is also adopted by Tom Cruise and Nicole Kidman in 1995. 

Bella is also a private person, just like her father. Isabella nowadays works in London as an artist. Bella also owns her own company. She is married to Max Parker who is an IT consultant. Bella got married but neither of her mother or father were present in the marriage. But later on Bella claimed that everything is just normal.


The three children of the Mission Impossible actor share some diversified relationship with him. As per Tom Cruise with Kids, the youngest daughter of Cruise does not have very much affinity with him but the other two children are somehow being in contact with him. The claims of estranged behavior are somehow surfacing and the media reports start believing the normal behavior of Cruise and his family. To know more, see Does Tom Cruise see his kids? – Mamamia.

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