Top 5 Of The Metaverse Brands- Read Exclusive details

All can check below exclusive details of Top 5 of the metaverse brands. 

Every day we hear about a term that seems to have no end; everyone wants to be part of this new concept, from entertainment, through sports to acquiring real estate.

We are facing what, for many enterprising companies and individuals, would be a new market with great potential to fully exploit the potential of goods and services already positioned in the current market.

It could, in turn, promote a financial and economic system parallel to the real one, where a large number of people, from novices in the world of technology to experts, will be able to benefit. More detailed information on Bitcode Prime.

Potential users of the Metaverse

As we already know, in today’s society, there are many people whose main limitation is no longer learning how to read or write; it is ignorance of technology, often due to lack of equipment or misinformation or lack of knowledge about the use and handling of technological tools. 

When seeking to define the population on which the Metaverse will have the most significant impact and who will, of course, be the ones who dominate the subject, without a doubt, it is generation Z.

According to statistical studies, this generation shows that almost 98% of the population that constitutes them is connected at least through a mobile device or Smartphone.

This generation was born, grew up, and developed with technology, which is why they keep up to date. It makes them quickly adapt to the idea that the Metaverse represents.

The idea of decentralized finance, cryptocurrencies and the Metaverse is not strange to this generation since they are already used to the concept of acquiring products through video games where virtual reality is the protagonist.

Marks of the Metaverse

Without a doubt, technological advances are surprising the world. That is why large corporations cannot be left behind after a pretty striking campaign launch where the intention is to make known what could be a virtual world where everyone has the same possibility of diving.

For this reason, we see more frequent information about what the Metaverse represents and what it could generate socially and financially in both individuals and companies.

Below are the ten brands that are already experimenting with the metaverse concept.

  • Roblox:

It could be considered one of the applications with the most significant number of users, among children, youth, and adults, with a total of more than 50 million participants.

Roblox is a free-to-play game where people from anywhere in the world get involved in any digital experiences it offers. However, it does not work under VR and AR technology; it is one of the most representative experiences of what could be the Metaverse.

  • Nike:

One of the most recognized sports brands worldwide, which has begun its experience in the Metaverse through Roblox, where it has created its area known as Nikeland, where sports are integrated with video games taking into account even the most minor details that allow demonstrating what a metaversica brand represents.

Users of this platform can share and exercise in various spaces such as courts, parks, and athletic tracks, among many other areas. They can also purchase any of the products this recognized brand has for avatars.

  • Fortnite

Considered the game of generation Z, a considerable number of users feel comfortable enough with the decentralized finance proposals offered by this online game because anyone can earn income by simply playing.

  • One of the greats of fashion Louis Vuitton

The fashion week proposal was recently created in the Metaverse, which means that many leading brands in terms of fashion and clothing want to be part of the metaverse proposal.

This time it is Louis Vuitton; after celebrating its 200th anniversary, it decided to create a video game where people who want to get involved can travel to various places to explore this virtual world where collectible candles represent NFTs.

  • Coke

Without a doubt, the leader of soft drinks could not be left out; in an alliance with the digital art company Tafi, they will create various collectible NFTs that will later be auctioned to be taken to the online game known as Decentraland.


The Metaverse is being created and has already caused quite a stir in the various sectors of society; it only remains to wait for the moment when it is definitively installed and evaluate its opportunities.

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