Top Five Tough Performance RC Trucks

Tough Performance RC Trucks: Crazy hobbies aren’t necessarily all that crazy. However, some people probably don’t get it. RC semi trucks are one of those offbeat hobbies that have created a sensation amongst people. Typically, these are scaled-down versions of trucks you see along highways doing all those logistics services. RC semi trucks are driven by electric motors and controlled by radio controllers.

Evaluating what to buy is a task in itself. Broadly, the various parameters while considering what to buy are:

  • Price & the need
  • Build quality
  • Motor type and power
  • Radio controller system
  • Transmission & Suspension
  • and the battery capacity

Most of the parameters are similar to that of procuring the original ones, which suggests that a lot of thinking has gone into building one. This is what makes this hobby a special one.

Here are the top five RC Semi trucks in the market. A few parameters are dependent on people buying it and their needs. Hence, this is in no particular order.

1) – 1/16 Freightliner Cascadia Sleeper Cab RC Semi

This 1/16th replica is a value for money buy. DCM has done a fair bit of justice to the original Freightliner Cascadia Sleeper Cab. The truck has pretty decent features. It has a 700 mAh battery with a 2.4 GHz radio system, which is good when comparing the price. It can take a maximum load of 11 pounds. It has a 2WD, with most of the body/chassis made of plastics. All this at an attractive price point.

2) – 1/16 RC Caterpillar Western Star 49X SFFA RC Dump Truck

DCM has done a decent job of replicating Caterpillar Western Star 49X. This dump truck has similar features which are available in the original version. Since this requires some more power, it has big battery power. It has a 2000 mAh battery. The body is made of plastics and has a 2.4 GHz radio transmitter, which makes it a value buy.

3) – 1/14 Volvo FH16 Globetrotter 750 8X4WD RC Tow Truck Kit

A solid replica, this RC semi-truck has a plastic body with Aluminum side channels. It has a 4-channel radio controller system. Differential gears are provided for smooth turning and have a 4-wheel drive to further ease it. Also, it’s a lot of fun to assemble this, honestly. If someone is a proper motorhead, this buy will satisfy a lot. 

4) – 1/14 Grand Hauler 10X8WD RC Semi Tractor Kit, Matte Black Edition

It is a solid RC semi truck by Tamiya with an 8-wheel drive. It has a standard RS540 motor. The matte black looks stunning. The details on silver, which is built similar to the original, are spot on.

5) – 1/14 King Hauler 10X8WD RC Semi Tractor Kit

This hauler by Tamiya is more or less similar to the previous one with a 3-speed transmission. It has a solid body with a metal C-channel ladder frame. 2-4 radio channels are possible and work well. The trailer needs to be bought separately and can be experimented with various loads.

RC semi trucks are innovations that involve a lot of attention to detail. Purchasing one needs to be seen first from the collection standpoint and then from the requirement standpoint.

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