What Is Kief, and Should You Use It?

What Is Kief: As a marijuana user, you may have come across the word kief. It is a naturally occurring component that grows with the weed plant. Seeing that it does pack a high, it is understandable that people often search for how to use kief on the internet. Using it takes patience as you have to wait for it to accumulate. 

As it occurs on the plant, weed is in the form of trichomes. To answer your what is  kief question, the trichomes dry off to form a powdery substance that becomes kief. The natural appearance of the substance is sticky and almost pollen-like. Due to the small amounts, you may have to gather it over time. 

How to Collect 

One of the surest ways of acquiring the product is through your grinder. As you grind your weed for normal use, certain modifications allow the object to catch the product. A grinder that holds kief has a lower chamber commonly known as the kief catcher. 

If you want to use the collected compound, you can invest in a product with this lower function. That way, after a few uses, you have a sufficient amount of kief to use in your blunts and other ways. 

There is also the option of buying your product from local dispensaries. While picking out your ideal product make sure to pick lighter shades. The lighter the product, the purer it is. 

How to Use Kief

Kief contains CBD, THC, and terpenes similar to weed when used in other ways. As you wonder how to use kief, you should know that the product can be added to joints, made into hash, and more. 

Here are some of the common kief uses.

Rolled into Joints

As you roll your joint home, you can add some of it onto the weed. That way, as you smoke it, you will get to enjoy the effects of both. The substance adds a kick to your high, which leaves you calmer. 

A common technique when using it with joints is dipping the end in its powdery compound. You need to wet the outer side of the ends with wax, then dip the joint in the product. This infuses the kief into the rolled joint and can act as a mean party trick.

Made into Hash

As a stoner, you may have come across the word hash. Hash is kief made into a ball or in cubes. Users smoke these products similar to weed. Next time you wonder what to do with kief, you can just compact it and smoke it up. 

Sprinkled into a Bowl

Like hash, you can add it to your bowl while smoking. You can place it in weed or smoke it on their own. One of the most asked questions is, does kief get you higher than flowers? There is a difference between a pure joint and one with some product.

When smoking kief, you get a stronger impact from the combined substance. The overall impact has a higher potency than smoking your weed alone. Every once in a while, you can indulge in the weed by-product. 

Made into Moon Rocks

Moon rocks, like hash and joints, are smokable marijuana products. With moon rocks, you get a significantly higher high. To come up with these moon rocks, you need to dip a weed flower into hash oil and sprinkle it with kief.

The combination packs a general high stronger than you would get from smoking. While flowers have a general THC level of about 20%, moon rocks have 50% THC. This ensures that you get the needed higher kick when you smoke the rock. 

Is Kief Safe? 

When delving into new products, it is reasonable to approach them cautiously. You will find yourself wondering, is kief illegal? Since weed is legal in numerous states, the product is legal. There are no restrictions against using it because it is a by-product of a legal substance. 

On matters of body and use, it is safe for your body. The components of the product, which include THC, CBD, and terpenes, affect the body similarly to weed. You get the THC high as well as the calm and healing power of CBD. 

That Additional Sprinkle

Even the most seasoned stoner will find themselves needing that hidden punch. You get to add flavor and spunk to your normal weed smoking with kief. Not only do you get to use up all your weed by-product, but you also enjoy a better high. 

Though it will take you longer to make a sufficient amount of it, you can use small amounts for prolonged results. Store-bought kief is always an option; with it, you will not have to wait for prolonged periods. 

One of the remarkable aspects of the product is that you can use it with various weed versions. Whether you like using joints, smoking in bowls, or even smoking hash, you can find your fit with kief. 

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