What is VDI as a service?

In this era of digitalization and advanced technology, work-from-home has become a very popular way for employees can give their best. This practice has become a necessity for most businesses after the global surge of the coronavirus pandemic. 

While most companies are searching for an effective remote working solution that can ensure the continuity of their businesses, there are several confusions regarding services, and one of them is definitely VDI as a Service.

What is VDI as a Service?

VDI, also known as Virtual Desktop Infrastructure, is an effective technological solution that helps develop virtual desktops. Those virtual desktops are created over a remote server setup. 

Those virtual desktops are more secure, flexible, and even mobile than their traditional forms, known as office desktops. However, if you wish to use VDI to develop your business, then your IT team has to maintain, deploy, and even manage the entire VDI environment effectively.

To reduce your IT team’s efforts, several cloud service providers provide virtual desktops based on subscriptions. Those providers usually have the specific VDI environment in the data centers and even take care of all the IT-related jobs at the backend.

Here are the benefits of VDI as a Service that you can enjoy.

The benefits of VDI as a Service

  • Cost reduction

A business’s IT infrastructure involves different cost parameters that can increase the annual budget of any company. First, you need to buy several efficient office desktops and other required tools, such as power, cabling, air conditioning, etc.  

Second, you need to upgrade those desktops regularly, which can add to the list of your expenses. Moreover, several IT experts are required to troubleshoot and maintain those desktops.

With the help of VDI as a Service, you can easily eliminate all those extra expenses without any trouble. As those service providers deliver the desktops, the cost of buying those office desktops and their maintenance can be eliminated. 

The service provider also has a team of IT professionals that can take care of your desktop-related issues.

  • You can have anywhere access

Nowadays, a major need for any business is to remain available 24×7 to your customers. However, it may not be easy when your workers are working with those traditional devices or desktops. 

So, by choosing VDI as a Service, your team can have access to any virtual desktop regardless of the location and time. Thus, you can enjoy increasing the productivity of your employees with ease.

  • Advanced security

Data security is one of the greatest concerns of any organization. The devices are vulnerable to threats like employee mistakes, power surges, and, most importantly, virus attacks that can result in data loss. So, in this case, VDI as a Service can help you out.

VDI as a Service is a specific kind of effective desktop solution that is capable of offering complete data protection. Thus, no matter what kind of threat is there, the data remains secure at the backend. It also helps in disaster recovery.

Therefore, there is no doubt that VDI as a Service can help an organization in various ways.

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