Whats Happening on July 5TH 2022- Read Here To Know More

In this post, we discuss What’s Happening on July 5TH 2022, and why this day is celebrated?

Did you see the July 2022 calendar? Are you early waiting for the public holiday in July? You might be looking for a public holiday in July if you live in the United States. We will update you with the most recent news about it. So, you have noticed the public holiday on July 5th? Then Whats Happening on July 5th 2022? Kindly read this post to know more about it.

History of July 5th

In Slovakia and the Czech Republic, July 5th is always celebrated as a public holiday. This public holiday is followed by the Roman Catholic feast days. Whereas in Bulgaria, the day is known to be celebrated as ” Slavonic Literature Day and Bulgarian Education and Culture,” “Alphabet Day,” or “Culture and Literature Day.” So, July 5th is marked as a public holiday as St Cyril and Methodius Day. In several other countries, the day is marked as a public holiday for some or another reason like in Algeria, July 5th is marked as an Independence from France.

Whats Happening on July 5TH 2022?

July 5th, 2022, is celebrated as a public holiday in the country as Methodius and St Cyril Day. In the 9th century, two brothers were born in a renounced Christian Family named Saints Cyril and Methodius in Thessalonica. Their mother was Bulgarian, and their father was Greek.

Later in 860, Methodius and Cyril went as proselytizers to spread Christianity amongst the people of what is today’s Ukraine. The brothers were qualified to devise the Glagolitic alphabet; thus, the Moravian prince named Rastislav requested them to transcribe the religious book into Old Bulgarian from Greek. Keep reading the post to know more about What Is Happening on July 5TH 2022.

The alphabet used by the two brothers was seen as an ancestor to Cyrillic. The Cyrillic got named from Cyril; even today, several countries, such as Russia, use the extension version of these alphabets.

Importance of 5TH July in other Countries

  • In Armenia, July 5th is marked as a public holiday as the day is commemorated as Constitution Day.
  • July 5th is celebrated as the Independence Day of Cape Verde. On this day, the country got its independence from Portugal. 
  • There is a National holiday on the Isle of Man on July 5th as the day is marked as Tynwald Day. 

What Is Happening on July 5TH 2022?

The day is recognized as one of the most important religious holidays of the year, with mass pilgrimages in Velehrad as an arrival anniversary of Saint Cyril and Methodius. 


Saint Cyril and Methodius deeply impact transcribing the religious book into Old Bulgarian with their excellent knowledge of the Glagolitic alphabet. Thus, July 5th celebrate as a public holiday as St Cyril and Methodius Day.

So, which is your favorite public holiday? Comment your views below. We are happy to announce the importance of Whats Happening on July 5TH 2022Click here to know more about public holidays.

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